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Justin Bieber Meets The Stanley Cup

Earlier this morning on “Today,” Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber came face-to-face with thousands of fans who crowded into Rockefeller Center in the middle of midtown Manhattan (some of whom had been camped out there since Wednesday night). The singer sat down for a brief interview with co-host Matt Lauer before walking outside to a chorus of ecstatic screams and performing a 30 minute set.

But perhaps the best encounter the singer had during his stint on the show was when he encountered the Stanley Cup, the NHL’s storied championship trophy. It was also visiting “Today” (accompanied by former Hartford Whalers star Brendan Shanahan and official “Keeper of the Cup” Mike Bolt), and Bieber got a little bit of face time with the most coveted prize in all of professional athletics. Bieber is a huge hockey fan and has played for most of his life. He grew up a fan the Toronto Maple Leafs (his local team), but now that he resides in Atlanta, will he shift his alliances towards the Thrashers?