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Justin Bieber needs his vocal rest

Justin Bieber needs his vocal rest

He is now one of the world’s biggest-selling artists but there are some days when Justin wishes he could lead a more normal lifestyle.

Yesterday was one of those days, with Justin being unable to talk despite being at an amazing party because he had to rest his voice.

“been resting all day. Vocal rest still sucks but needed. Gotta chill but trying to party. My baby jesus likes to party,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

Justin was feeling frustrated and grumpy by the end of the day, but was instantly cheered up when he ran into some of his fans. The teen girls had the singer laughing in seconds, and he thanked them in a short post on the social networking site a few hours later.

“my fans are a good time. they have amazing sense of humor and always lift the spirits. thanks for being there. vocal rest still sucks :)” he wrote.


WOW at how much his voice has changed :O, I LOVE IT <3

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  • Anonymous

    listen a 1:01 how he say girl hits very funny! :p