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Justin Bieber vs Lady Gaga: Most Viewed Video of All Time on YouTube

A few months ago, Lady Gaga’s video for “Bad Romance” surpassed “Charlie Bit my Finger…Again!” as the most viewed YouTube video of all-time. As of May 12, 2010 Lady Gaga had amassed 202,638,903 views in approximately six months. It didn’t look like anything could stop it.

It still doesn’t appear to be stopped, but can it be topped?

As of June 24th, Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video surpassed 211,000,000 views. This makes it the second most viewed YouTube video of all-time. “Bad Romance” remains in the lead with just over 233,000,000 views.

It sounds like a major discrepancy, but take note that “Baby” from Justin Bieber has only been available on YouTube for 4 months in comparison to “Bad Romance” being out 7 months. On May 12th, “Baby had only accumulated 132,580,445 views. Within 6 weeks, Justin Bieber has closed the gap from approximately 70 million to 20 million.

Comments on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video already show fans worrying about Bieber surpassing her in the upcoming months. Comments on Justin Bieber’s video could not be retrieved.

There are some interesting notes about this fight. Regular YouTube users are fond of users that invade other videos as trolls. Trolls barge into videos they dislike in order to ridicule the artists and fans who made or enjoy the work.

Usually, trolls aren’t welcomed. In this case, any troll that can’t resist his or her urges to trespass unto their competition’s video will be giving them views. A fan of “Bad Romance” that trolls over to “Baby” is helping Bieber out by posting comments on his video, giving it more views.

Can “Bad Romance” maintain its role as YouTube’s most viewed video of all-time? Will “Baby” continue its surge toward the top, effectively ending human sanity?


A month ago I wrote: 
JB’s BABY will become the most watched YouTube video of all time by end of 2010

ps. Did you know Lady Gaga’s manager is also managing Greyson Chance?

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  • Anonymous

    i think baby is gonna win. and who cares about greyson chance?

  • Anonymous

    i think baby is gonna win. and who cares about greyson chance?