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Crazies will picket JB’s Kansas City concert


These people are insane!

The horrible Westboro church will be picketing the Justin Bieber concert tonight in Kansas City “to remind all of those in attendance that America’s destruction is imminent.”

Their website reads:

“There are no jobs, homes, money or hope, but you’ll pay big bucks to attend rock concerts by the thousands. [Bieber] has a platform given to him by God to speak to this world; he has a duty to teach obedience by his actions and words. He refuses to do that because he knows his concert halls would be empty! So, he teaches you to sin and rebel against God’s commandments.”


They also go after Justin for performing at the White House for the President last Christmas where “he got to pose with Anti-Christ Beast Obama.” They add “He and Obama are of one mind and they are leading this nation to hell! Justin will answer to God!


When are these nutjobs going to go away already??


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  • Dempsey

    What Losers they make Christians look like big freaking idiots!
    Justin Bieber isn't leadin us to hell!!!!!!!! Look at people like lady Gaga like JB never swears in his music or talks about sex yet they hate on him instead of her when she promotes worse stuff

  • Anonymous

    hmmm….you are calling assliegh from "jbsour" a "monkey" because she "copies exact posting from you" but yet this is almost EXACTLY copied from perez hilton…the only difference is it doesnt have the part about obama….and yes, i did notice.if anyone doesnt belive me, then go to perez hilton's website and see for yourseld. its under the category justin bieber. i personaly think YOU are being just as lazy as she was. ur the one who needs to do their own research and not copy. u even have the same pic as he did! sigh! i cant belive my favorite website did this.

  • Anonymous

    i cant beleive u copied off of perez hilton's website! :0

  • Anonymous

    wowwww i cannot believe they are doing this.justin is NOT leading us to hell.he actually puts 4,000,000 girls straight in lie.BTW JUSTIN RECIEVED HIS 4,000,000th FOLLOWER TODAY WHOOOO!!!

  • Anonymous

    ok from wat kind of website is that stuff from its definitely from one that acoustically follows religion religion is so pose to except others no matter wat but thats not how it is now its like saying something and doin somethin else

  • Anonymous

    The Westboro Baptist Church are just deep cover liberals, demonstrating the idiocy of theists and conservatives in one awesome trolltastic message.

  • Anonymous

    how can they say this bout him, hardly leading us 2 hell they should go to hell harassing a 16 yr old im 13 and i know im not leading people to hell but if i got famous i would wtf he's lovely well i think he is from what i hear and he should most likely go to heaven is it real wif me 😀

  • Anonymous

    woah u did copy perez hilton!

  • Anonymous

    everyones right…u did copy

  • Daisy

    omg I can't believe I missed the comments on this post. Of course I copied from Perez Hilton. It says "PEREZ HILTON" at the bottom.

    Seems like Monkey's friends are just as bright as she is.

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