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Justin Bieber shocked by the LeBron James trade

Justin Bieber is known for his amazing vocals and stage presence, but true Bieber fans know that the teen pop star has another passion. Justin is a huge fan of the NBA. He followed the Lakers through the finals and now Justin is weighing in on the LeBron James move announced yesterday.

As LeBron shocked and angered fans in Cleveland by signing with the Miami Heat, Justin gave his own opinions. He tweeted: “WOW LEBRON …MIAMI??? how do we all feel about this…mixed emotions in this room. I really thought he was going to the bulls.”

Despite his interest in the biggest sports news of the day, Justin was able to channel his focus back into his work. Just before hitting the stage in Denver, Colorado, Justin tweeted: “OK. got to get focused on this show…congrats to the miami heat…KOBE WILL BE WAITING.”

Justin continues his My World tour with an upcoming performance in Salt Lake City, UT on Saturday night. For now, check out video from his latest concert in Denver, CO.