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Justin Bieber vs Jonas Brothers: New Prince of Pop

The Jonas Brothers had a pretty good ride. But even they probably realize that they’re already on the decline. Justin Bieber pretty much waltzed into town and became the new—and solo—face of tween pop music.

The Jo-Bros still have fans…just a lot less than they used to! In fact, according to a new report, they’ve been forced to cancel sixteen shows in their summer tour!

This seems to be a common trend in music right now, with American Idol execs canceling eight of their dates for the Idols Live tour, and huge stars like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera doing the same.

This is a huge difference from just last year, when the Jonas Brothers were selling out huge arenas to screaming tweens. But everyone gets replaced by someone younger and fresher, and in their case, it’s the Bieb.

Justin Bieber seems to be gaining momentum with each passing day, and he’s on his “My World” tour pretty much through the end of the year. He’s playing over 60 venues through December, and by the looks of it, none have been canceled.

Bieber’s rise to fame reminds us a lot of the Jonas Brothers, who once enjoyed their throne as the princes of pop. So it just makes us wonder….will Justin Bieber be the next one replaced?