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Justin Bieber will sign your boobs

Sorry this was a pretty funny post about two fans but sadly Google has asked us to remove the most because it was inappropriate so we had to erase it.


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  • Stephanie

    FAKE… Justin's B has a loop at the bottom. And the J… he puts a loop on the J before he makes the tail thingie.

    • totallyi mean seriously

    • Anonymous

      U cant even c the girls

    • Anonymous


  • Stephanie

    FAKE… Justin's B has a loop at the bottom. And the J… he puts a loop on the J before he makes the tail thingie.

    • yeah your right jb would never sign their boobs they just want attention wich is stupid 🙂 i love jb <3333

    • y7y

      do you want to do sex with me

      • Anonymous

        You are stupid

    • My boyfriend and I just broke up after daintg for 6 months. I know it’s not the end of the world, but sometimes it feels like it!!!! It wasn’t a bad relationship. We didn’t sin sexually. We didn’t have lots of fights. We just figured out that we weren’t compatiable long term. Our lives were going to 2 different places.How do you handle break ups?

      • Its okay

        Breakups can be hard. But alittle girl time always helps :).
        Just know that if he doesn’t like ur lifestlye and how u choose to go in life, someone else will. He’s out there.

  • zarah

    ..it's no where near jb's penmanship!!….jb has penmanship like any other boy and would sign his full name, than just initials…no offence!!…but that is not jb's autograph…and y the heck would he sign boobs?..

    • Bella

      Yeah… you’re right… but BEING like every other teenage boy, he would probably sign two girl’s boobs (;

    • Anonymous

      of coures he wouldn’t he didn’t

  • zarah

    ..it's no where near jb's penmanship!!….jb has penmanship like any other boy and would sign his full name, than just initials…no offence!!…but that is not jb's autograph…and y the heck would he sign boobs?..

    • yeah your right

  • Anonymous

    he would sign them because hes a guy and guys like boobs.

  • Anonymous

    I think he did it. LOL. Its funny and not a big deag? His autograph looks like that if he doesnt want to write his whole name.

  • Anonymous

    i think he would sign a girls boobsjust because he is a guy and their boods are HUGE so i think he would but at the same time that does not look his signuture because my sister has his autograph and that looks nothimng like it so i say it is FAKE

  • Anonymous

    Well, he did say he signs lady lumps :-p

  • michie j

    it is fake the signature is upside down. unless he was hanging over there shoulders then it is fake. :l

  • Anonymous

    its probably fake but still some people are stupid. when they took the picture its was like looking in a mirror. its backwards. it happens when u take it on a computer….retards

  • Anonymous

    I saw her it person! ITS REAL! I couldnt believe it

  • Anonymous

    he DOES do it! its hims. there not lieing.

  • Danielle Vasquez

    oh my god u bitches r stupid and im talkin about the people who r saying this is FAKE. it is not,brittany is my cousin. she was freakin out and i saw it personally. and neither brittany or sam would NEVER lie for attention unlike the people who r voting "fake" would. britt is one of the most truthfull people i know.

  • Danielle Vasquez

    and apparently the retards who think his signature is upside-down dont know a cursve "JB" apart from a horse's anas. -_-

  • Anonymous

    stupid so fake really he would never even do that fake fake fake retards

  • Aleen

    i think he did it cus in a video called bieber takes over HE SAID that he signed ladies lump!!

    • Anonymous

      He Was Just Making Ppl Laugh ,None Of That Was True

  • for the people who think it is real get a life it is upside down duh!! :p

    • Anonymous

      silly girl its backwards :/ thats awkward

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s real. It looks as if they look it with their webcam and the webcam inverted the picture horizontally. So, if you flip the picture horizontally, you can tell that there is the initial “JB”.

  • Ramisha Khan


  • i love you because you are hot and funny and my little friend is one of your fans and we like sour patch kids just like you

  • my mom love your song like baby and love me and baby

  • i hate you my son does not like you we hate your guts

    • Anonymous

      Shut up. i dont know why ur on the page. Dumb ass

  • selena gomez

    hi justin i love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      u r dome

      • Anonymous

        dumb*** and your saying dhe is dumb lololololololololololol

    • Prarthi

      I love u justin:-)

    • omg his voice is deeper and ,and he is so tlreubre i hate justin bieber he was terrible with a high voice and now with a deeper voice hes just plain terrible

  • LoveForJustin

    i cant decide if this is real or not :L awh our little guy is growing up girls :L i cant belieb hes turning 18 next year. like yesterday he was 12 (: i love him so much ♥ and so does everyone here. so stop hating yeah? just remember why you fell in love with him and never forget it ♥ so yeah if he did sign it then thats his choice. but we all know that he’ll always ALWAYS love us beliebers and him signing random girls boobs doesnt change a thing. it just shows him that those fans have no respect for him :L xxx

  • beibsbestbeliber

    ok so i wasnt sure if it was real or not, i was really curious, but if look closely at the signature. Imagine it flipped the J and B isnt upside down, but since the pic was flipped it looks upside down

  • Kaiya

    thats so fake. Any way selena would kill justin if he did that.

  • Selenaperez#fan

    TOTALLY FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reiko

    These girls are a bunch of idiots who look for unwanted attention and why would JB do that???? He has Selena!!! So get a clue you stupid losers!

  • u are so hot omg

  • Prarthi

    I love u justin:-)
    It’s fake….

  • I am seriously crazy about jb n most propably i love him to death....... N i am sure that he never like to do things crazy .....

    I love bieber to death n he is not such a worst guy to do things crazy like this n all…….its a rumour that he just did that thing

  • bob

    have sex with me

  • kirsty

    hello babe want to touch my boobs tonight babe

  • JS belieber

    he would do it… he likes boobies… c’mon hes 18 he likes stuff like that…. i think it can be real…. 🙂 lol JB…xxx

  • Isabell

    fake bitches , who just looking for attention go and trow u self ! Justin would never do that!

  • Pattie Bieber

    I know my justy would sign the boobs, but i personally think it looks like a butterfly

  • katrina faris

    I also think it is FAKE.love you justin

  • chloe craft

    O.M.G justin bieber i am proably the biggest fan of urs i luv u so much i wish i could see u in real life i luv ur music video Beauty and A Beat i literaly have dreams about u i have only been to 1 of ur concerts and if i could i would love to be a only girl to u omg i love u my whole room is covered by u u look good in red my computer is also covered with u my name is chloe my sisters name is brittany and my cousins name is marissa nd we both have our rooms covered by u u r so pretty i want to see u in real life ..!!!TO BE CONTINUED!!

  • diya

    justin i love u and other things are fake

  • Taylor

    Hi I love you will you marrie me