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Justin Bieber’s E! Entertainment’s Special recap

Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber had his “My World” special air on E! Wednesday night, and it gave some unique insight into a world — “My World”, as Justin calls it — that most people don’t often get to see.

To many people (particularly teenage girls) on the surface, Justin is a performer with great hair and a voice that makes them want to sing every song off of his album thirty times. However (as this special shows), he is also more than that — he is a normal kid from a normal small town who managed to make it big.

Justin also has his share of normal struggles, from dealing with divorced parents to figuring out how to deal with a changing voice. Everyone from his mentor (Usher) to his grandmother appeared in the special, and almost all of them had something unexpected to say. It was nice to hear about how much Justin respects women, and also how close he still is to his family after all of the fame.

In the end, the special gave fans a clearly picture of the 16-year old behind the fame, and how is present success will inevitably shape his future.