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Justin Bieber’s mom hopes he remains a virgin

Justin Bieber Is Planning To "Stay Pure"

Justin Bieber is planning to “stay pure” until he finds the right girl, says his mother Pattie Mallette.

Speaking about her 16-year-old son, Pattie said during an interview: “He’s expressed his desire to stay pure, and honor women, and treat women with respect. So hopefully that stays valid.”

Bieber himself meanwhile revealed that he finds it difficult to trust girls, because of his fame. “It’s definitely hard to find a girl that really likes me for me. You gotta be careful,” said the Baby singer during a TV special on E!.

“Right now, I’m like so busy anyway, so I just have fun, hang out with girls and stuff. Try not to take it too seriously.”


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  • Anonymous

    i think justin should have fun while he can..but i think he will find the right one.. but justin be very careful…

  • adriel

    I hope he remains pure ! Also I think Selena may be right for him because from looking at her career I dont think she would use him like maybe a normal peron would . Please be careful JB .

  • Jb and selean can you sing for my moms weeding it will be happy for her

  • Tyra Lynn

    sing for her wedding!!!! y when he can sing 2 u at ur guys’ wedding (u and JB)
    lol that would def b a dream come true…just imagine him licking ur… nevermind go justin and be wild God Bless u all. btw justin is very talented!!!!

  • #1Bieber fan in the world

    justin bieber is the deffinition of sexy happy and pure i dont think he would loose his virginity too selena im not hating on selena cause i do like her and all but yea i will admit i am a little jealus but his happiness is whats really important i mean if u really are justins fans be more interested in him not who hes dating

  • Emmer

    I know you always treats girls with respect,but girls aren’t always the same back justin! ( And that’s comming from one!)
    your so young,its early days!
    Just be carefull, and you’ll be fine !
    And i also agree its hard to find the right girl who likes YOU 4 YOU if your famous… :]

  • Cookie

    Justin Bieber Is Smexci!!! 😛 Butt I Could Honestly Say I Don’t Really Love His Music!:( Butt I Still LIke Some Of Itt!. J.s (Honesty) <3 Btw: I <3 U.

  • Bears

    I Know Itt Will Be Hard Finding A Gurl Who Likes You For You And Nott Just The Fame, Butt I Think I Would Like YOu Just For Tha Fame! HAha.. Jk 😛 Id LIke YOu For You! And What I Look For IN A Guy Is Not Just Money, But Someone Who Actulley Cares, and Is Funny, And Has A Good Sence Of Humor!:P
    Love, Berry <3

  • Anonymous

    The title made me think Bieber’s mom wanted him to be forever alone. Good choice!

  • Evelyn

    He should have fun but not to much fun with girls love u Justin bieber and always will<3