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Selena Gomez sees Justin Bieber as a little brother

Selena Gomez "Justin Bieber Is Like A Brother"

The Wizards of Waverly Place actress revealed that she befriended the One Less Lonely Girl singer and says he is “sweet” and “cheeky”.

“He’s like a brother because he’s very protective and very sweet,” said Selena when describing Justin. “I tease him about his fling-y hair!

“He’s also very cheeky. He tries to get me to put on those glasses he wears with no lenses in them,” Gomez added to Sugar magazine.

“And last time I wore high heels next to him, he asked me to take them off because he didn’t want to be shorter than me.

“I was laughing and going ‘No, I’m not going to take them off, you’re not going to make me take my shoes off!”

Selena recently denied that she missed out on her childhood.