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12 Things Justin Bieber in Concert

Even by teen-sensation standards, it has been a big week for Justin Bieber.

The Canadian pop singer announced Monday that he will star as himself in a 3D biopic to be released in time for next Valentine’s Day.

And he says he’s also at work on a memoir, due in October. The book is titled Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story. A comic book about the 16-year-old singer also comes out in October.

On Twitter, Bieber called the movie project “incredible news.” The movie, as yet untitled, will include footage of his current tour, which swings into Scotiabank Place on Aug. 24. Davis Guggenheim, who won an Oscar for helming An Inconvenient Truth, is in negotiations to direct.

How hot is Bieber? New York magazine, which usually skips teen sensations, profiles him in its current issue.

Here are 12 things we learned from the feature, written by Alex Morris….
1. Justin’s “swagger coach” says yes to maroon high-tops

Before each performance, Justin tries on different outfits and e-mails the photos to Ryan Good, his stylist (a.k.a. “swagger coach”). For one New York appearance, Good gave his approval to black jeans, a black T-shirt, a white vest, and maroon high-tops. Justin also wore a $7,500 necklace by the jeweller David Yurman.

2. The Double Point is good, but no match for The Baby Crotch Grab

In a sidebar, New York also details Justin’s best dance moves. For The Baby Crotch Grab, Justin squeezes his inner thigh. Somewhere, Michael Jackson is smiling.

3. Snort like a horse, meow like a kitten, squeeze like a Baby Crotch Grab

For his vocal warm-ups, Justin makes various noises as piano scales rise and fall in the background. “He snorts like a horse along the scales. Then he meows like a kitten.”

4. Bieber is Bambi

“Bieber is adorable in the tawny, guileless way of a small woodland creature,” Morris writes. “His eyes are moist and fawnlike, his lips a blend of pout and puck. His downy cheeks seem never to have been affronted by anything as indelicate as a razor.”

5. Mom to Justin: ‘It’s 10 p.m. You’re not going bowling. You’re 16.’

Sure, he’s a megastar. But like any teenager, his mom has the final word.

When Justin wants to go bowling one night in New York, his mother Pattie points out that he has a 6 a.m. lobby call the next morning.

“Tonight’s not a good night,” she says. “You can go bowling any time.”

“Any time?” Justin asks, with reason. “All right. You name a time.”

“It’s just late.”

“Ten o’clock?”

“Yes, that’s too late. Justin, you’re 16.”

“Exactly,” he retorts. “I’m not two.”

(He didn’t go bowling.)


Most calculating poster made by two devoted fans. The girls waited 12 hours outside Rockefeller Plaza to see his performance on the Today show.

7. He tweets, they swoon

Justin tweets at least four times more often than any other celebrity, “almost as if he’s filling a quota,” Morris writes. “He follows more than 70,000 people. He actively cultivates an online conversation, maintaining the illusion that it is not one-sided by frequently giving ‘shout-outs’ to particular fans (‘allison in the purple tye dyed shirt it was nice meeting u’). For many fans, having him follow them on Twitter is a lifetime goal …”

8. Producer L.A. Reid on the Justin phenomenon

“Look, we put his first single out 13 months ago, and today he’s selling out arenas all over America, and kids in the nosebleed section are wearing Justin Bieber T-shirts, and when he says scream, they scream, and when he says jump, they jump. I’ve never seen anything like it since the Beatles.”

9. Pre-performance prayer by Justin’s youth pastor

“Father, we come before you, acknowledging you for this day, for this opportunity. Thank you for each member of this team, Father. Thank you for the performance. May you bless each and every person, Father, and may they see you in us as we perform. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

10. No Advil for Justin

Millions of people take ibuprofen for a headache. Not Justin. Not before he sings, at least. Ibuprofen thins the capillaries, which might result in damage to his vocal chords.

11. Telling quote from Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager

“Never mess with the passion of a 14- or 15-year-old girl.”

12. Justin, the prankster scamp

Once, having swiped the number from Scooter’s phone, Justin called the singer Akon, pretending to be his illegitimate son. “He’s like, ‘Daddy, why don’t you love me?’ ” Scooter laughs. “It really scared the s— out of Akon.”


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