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JBShrine Update August 4th 2010

Hey guys,

The thing about this website is that it is huge and takes a long time to load. So this past weekend we made some upgrades to the site to take advantage of the newest technology and to make it better and faster. Tests were run on all the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, & Internet Explorer) and everything seems to work out perfectly.

Although everything looks fine on our end, a couple of you have notified us that you have a problem viewing some videos and reading some articles (you probably are using an outdated browser). So in order to help us help you, please let us know (by leaving a comment on the particular post) which articles or videos you are not able to see and what browser you are using and we will try to find out what exactly is the problem and fix it.

A better solution is to update your browser to Google Chrome (same as Safari). It’s the newest and hands-down the best browser available because it not only makes your screen look bigger, but everything is clearer with more detail and best of all websites will load twice as fast. It’s true. 🙂 Try it out for 5 minutes and you will feel the difference immediately.

Also I want to take this opportunity to welcome Maddie, Deasha, and Blakie to JBShrine. They are now a part of our family and hopefully having this blog run by a 13, 16, 19, and 21 year old Belieber will make it even more fun as we will definitely have different point of views and opinions.

Welcome Guys!!

And if you have any comments or questions about anything at all, please leave a comment below.


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  • markw94404

    I don't know why you are pushing chrome so hard, do you get a commission. Firefox is also a great browser.