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Justin Bieber’s Revenge on Kevin Kristopik

Kevin Kristopik

Kevin Kristopik

TEEN pop star Justin Bieber posted a Detroit teenager’s phone number to his 4.5 million followers on Twitter in an act of revenge, Gawker reported Sunday.

The tweet, which Bieber posted around midnight Saturday, read, “Everyone call me 248-XXX-XXXX 🙂 or text.” The phone number was not Bieber’s but the cell phone of Detroit-area teenager Kevin Kristopik.

Bieber was reportedly angry at Kristopik for hacking the Twitter account of Bieber’s friend Ryan Butler and using it to get the star’s phone number. Kristopik admitted the hacking, writing, “im the one who hacked ryan and got justins #” on July 27.

Bieber deleted the tweet a few minutes later, but the damage had already been done: Thousands of Bieber’s followers retweeted the message, and Kristopik received countless phone calls and more than 10,000 text messages.


This is a video Kristopik made showing the non-stop calls and texts coming from Beliebers believing they’re calling Justin.

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  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Good On Justin.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA that hacker really deserves it! Did he hack Justin's stepmom Erin?

  • I think that was smart of justin but not the rite way to go !

  • Justin

    I’m sorry for tweeting his number,please don’t call or txt it.
    much love for my fans!

    • Kirstie

      You ‘re not Justin. Nice try

  • belieberForever

    thats what he gets for messing with Justin!

  • Justin’s got 16,6 million followers.. not 4,5! lol

  • Katie

    hahaha that’s what you get for hacking into someone’s twitter page

  • ÆØÅ

    Hahahaha! Don’t mess with the Biebz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waqar

    wao justin ur songs r great i love them please gime me ur phone number