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Justin Tops Twitter’s Most Listed

Justin Bieber Tops Twitter's Most Listed

As you may already be aware, Lady Gaga is Twitter’s most-followed user with more than 5.74 million followers. But who is Twitter’s most-listed user?

Now that 10 months have passed since the introduction of Lists, who reigns supreme as Twitter’s most-listed user? Is it Lady Gaga, Twitter’s most-followed user? Or how about Britney Spears, who previously held the crown? Or perhaps it’s Ashton Kutcher, the “king of Twitter,” according to Oprah?

No, it’s Justin Bieber!!

1. Justin Bieber: 264,700+ lists
2. Lady Gaga: 106,900+ lists
3. Barack Obama: 98,700+ lists
4. Taylor Swift: 62,500+ lists
5. Demi Lovato: 61,700+ lists
6. CNN Breaking News: 61,000+ lists
7. Britney Spears: 59,900+ lists
8. Selena Gomez: 56,400+ lists
9. Ashton Kutcher: 54,100+ lists
10. Ellen DeGeneres: 53,700+ lists


Oh btw, Celebuzz is now saying that there’s a good chance that JB will take the crown from Lady Gaga as the most followed on Twitter by the end of the year. JBShrine made that prediction a while ago. :p

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