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Justin’s Elle Magazine Photo Shoot with Kim Kardashian

Cue the tween screams. Kim Kardashian’s latest photo shoot is bound to have Justin Bieber fans riled up once again.

The reality star, who in May received threats after hanging out with the pop star at the White House Correspondents’ dinner, posted a sneak peek of their upcoming fashion spread on her blog Tuesday.

“Remember those paparazzi pics of me and Justin Beiber in the Bahamas!? Well I can now reveal that we were shooting for Elle Magazine!” Kardashian, 29, wrote.

“I just received the pics from the shoot and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!” she adds. “The theme of the shoot was The Graduate for obvious reasons, LOL.”

Along with a shot of the two playing on the beach, Kardashian and Bieber posed lounging underneath a palm tree. In another photo, the glammed-up Keeping Up with the Kardashians star – in sky-high stilettos – works out on an elliptical while watching the 16-year-old on TV.

“Justin and I had such a fun time together at the shoot,” she says at the end of the post, before asking fans for their thoughts.

So far, it doesn’t look like she’s gotten any tween hate mail – though one reader quipped, “Ain’t that jail bait young lady?”


I got these exclusive pictures and video in my email today from Elle Magazine themselves.
Thanks Kerry!!  <3 The pics are hawt!

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  • Anonymous

    ahhh he looks so hot 😀
    and ye he was obviously just kidding when he tweeted the picture of them together (: duh !

  • Anonymous

    He ate the flower mmmmm Kim K. is a lucky lucky lady i don't hate her, I mean it's not like she can date Justin because I'm pretty sure that's against the law. But I wouldn't care if he dated a girl anyways because if he's happy I'm happy. Love you Justin and I always will. 🙂

  • beatrice

    he looks sexxxy 😉 i love these pics.

  • Anonymous

    bit sexual ?????? no wonder his mum didnt stop him?

    🙂 Reply to my comment please..

  • Anonymous

    OMG !
    im feel very jelous rite now
    but i understand that he would be not dating with her..i mean aww come on she was 29..this is just for the elle magazine and nothing then that 😛
    but i will be very happy if he dating with some other teen girl that same age as him lol..it will be cute <3

  • JuStin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss fuck eyecontact deaf talk all happy together walk sweetheart marry deaf yes like Alejandra Magana 🙂