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More Justin Bieber Books To Come

On Monday, teen singing sensation Justin Bieber announced his first book, “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story.” HarperCollins, which will publish the book, described it as a “photographic memoir of his amazing journey.” Bieber’s journey hasn’t been all that long — he’s just 16.

The next day, Bieber decided to downplay the “memoir” part of the book. In four quick Twitter posts — to his 4.2 million followers — Bieber wrote:

it isnt a memoir…i teamed up with this amazing photographer robert and he has been taking pictures behind the scenes from before the tour.

so the book will include all those pics and im going to tell the story of all that led up from rehearsals until the first night of the tour

pretty excited about it and think everyone will enjoy the story and the pics…but we can all agree im a little too young to write a memoir

but we can make a pretty great book with lots of exclusive stuff…but i just got a lot more life to live too 🙂

HarperCollins is bringing the book to shelves quickly — it is coming to shelves in October.

But for those Biebermaniacs who cant’ wait, there is another book on the way. “Justin Bieber: The Fever” is a simple biography of the young musician. Author Marc Shapiro didn’t talk to Bieber for the book; instead, he relies on reports that have appeared elsewhere. If he doesn’t break any new ground, he’s not looking to dig up any dirt, either. It’s a starry-eyed portrait of the star, with two sections of full-color photos.

There is more, of course. “Get the Scoop:Justin Bieber” is 128 pages of Bieber, released in April. “The Justin Bieber Album” is half that length, just 64 pages, and comes out October 1. And after Bieber’s own book comes out, look for “Justin Bieber: The Unauthorized Biography“; the hardcover is slated to hit shelves in November.

And chances are the books on Bieber will continue, as long as he stays in the spotlight.


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