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Pattie Mallette’s School Year Book Pictures

A JBShrine Exclusive! Wanna see how Pattie looked like in high school?


Above is Pattie’s yearbook pictures from Canada sent to us by a classmate of hers from Stratford who told us:

“I went to high school with Justin’s parents, here are pictures of his Mom I found in the year book, from 1991 and 1993.”

This looks like when she was 16 or 17 and since she gave birth to Justin when she was 17 it probably means that Justin was already growing in her stomach when these pictures were taken. Kinda weird to think of it that way but quite interesting.

Btw, we also have Justin’s year book picture.

Stratford Guy, can you submit a picture of Jeremy’s year book picture? Then we can see if Justin and his dad look alike at the same age.

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  • Anonymous

    wow this is really cool!

  • Anonymous

    lol .. that what im thinking about..
    i wanna see jeremy year book..bcause wanna see that his face like justin bieber or not..:D

  • Anonymous

    How come in the class pics for Pattie there are 2 pattie Mallettes? What are the chances?

    • Anonymous

      its not, theyre the same person but from 2 different years 🙂

  • bieber fans

    Justin totally look similar to her 16-17 year old mom.. but the diff showed up bcoz her mom hair.. love em both!

    • Anonymous

      he look so sexy

  • MrsBieber

    shess so pretttty–just like justin is so frigggin sexyy!

  • Anonymous

    i love you justin

  • foi muinto bom o school

  • heather

    That might be the pic but it funny because her name is actually Patricia… so the whole I went to school with her and this is the year book is fake.

  • bad boy justin drew lier put u real name

  • betty krell

    can i call justen or does he go to school

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  • I love Justin Drew Bieber!!!

  • O M G J U S T I N B I E B E R!!!!!! <3 <3 <3!!!!