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Justin arrives in South Africa for a vacation

Justin Bieber arrives in South Africa for a vacation

Yes it’s true! Sweet sixteen heartthrob Justin Bieber landed at OR Tambo this morning at 9.20, and heat was there to welcome the teen superstar.

Dressed casually and hiding his trademark mop of hair under a beanie, Justin was so low-key that he almost made it through the airport unrecognised… but your trusty heat sleuths made sure you get the pictures first!

We were expecting him to be surrounded by burly bodyguards, but the Canadian pop hero was accompanied by only a small entourage of friends – no other teens though… Bad news for fans is that he is not going to perform – this is purely a holiday.

heat spoke exclusively to Justin’s neighbour on the plane, an American tourist, who described him as a “very friendly, chatty kid”. Delfino Martinez, a 47-year-old nurse from California, had no idea who his famous, chatty neighbour was until Justin eventually told him!

“The rest of his party was back in economy, due to some mix-up, and in the middle of the night, Justin got up to let his manager sleep in his seat for about three hours. He went back to the manager’s seat in economy and sat there for that time,” said Martinez. Awwww, what a sweetie!

Have a great holiday, Justin!


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    he's so sweet 🙂