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Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus duet "OVERBOARD" at MSG

Did she not butcher the song or what? Especially at the end.

Btw, did you know Miley is giving up her music career for movies?

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  • Anonymous

    what ???
    miley cyrus ?
    AW COME ON !
    why she ?
    i not a hater of miley ..
    i like her and she is very talented..
    idk bahaha
    miley and justin = no way .

  • deasha

    this is terrible….=(

  • Anonymous

    omg !!! she just ruined that song
    i dont hate her or anything but jessica was at the concert why cudnt she do wud turn out much better

  • Dempsey

    Yah good job miley my ears are bleeding:P

  • Negin

    uh no no no! it's unfair jessica shud've done it!

  • Anonymous

    this website is really good but youve put a remix song on all of the page background thing so all i can here is the song and i carnt watch vidoes and stuuff because theres no where to turn it off and its really annoying!

  • Anonymous

    omg miley cyrus doesnt deserve to sing this with justin bieber… this is justin bieber's and JESSICA JURRELL'S song.. and i went to a justin bieber concert and he didn tht song WAYYY better with jessica… thanks a lot miley for butchering this song!

  • Mark

    @anonymous September 1, 2010 2:42 PM

    You can turn off the remix. Look for the brightest light in the stage picture on top. The bright light above his head in the center is the music controller.

  • Garnet

    she is icky.

  • Anonymous

    wow she sucks… and i think her part is pre-recorded aswell… cause i saw a different video on youtube that was really good quality and you could tell..!

  • Taylor

    i dont think miley sounded good at all! i think jessica jarrell is way better at singing her part than miley! i dont hate miley or anything! but she doesnt sound! jeesica i way better!

  • Anonymous

    gosh miley sounded AWFUL!!!!!! jessica does soooooo much better in tht song cuz i saw jb's concert… way to go jessica! AND NOT MILEY!

  • Anonymous

    ok miley RUINED this song!!!!!!