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Justin Bieber ft Ludacris – BABY [Remix @JBShrine]

Hope you like the video. I made it by myself ( and it’s the first video I ever made!)

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  • beatrice

    really cool!

  • JBShrine

    Thanks beatrice. I noticed after I finished it that the girls all look like strippers and the guys are all characters. haha but those where the only pictures I could find that went with the music.

  • Caroline

    great job daisy!

  • Stephanie

    WHERE THE FUCK IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK?!!! Need… to… download… this… NOW!!! Gosh this is sooo good!


    Yeah i like it too . the person who made the vidio how old r u ???
    u dont have to answer if it is to personal 🙂


    nice jooooob!!!! high 3 no……wait[1hr]….my bad HIGH FIVE hahaha lol:D

  • maddie

    NEED TO DOWNLOAD!!! y did it look like the dancing girl was smelling her arm??

  • ilyJUSTIN

    i like the song the video is alright 🙂

  • Timothy

    What Software u make this Justin Bieber Shrine Admin ??
    I Should Download it 😀

  • valia

    Hahaha!!! It’s the best video i have ever seen! I don’t believe that it’s the first that you made… and the remixes was AMAZING! It has so much fun! 🙂

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