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Justin Bieber in talks to star in Will Smith’s new movie!!

Justin Bieber in talks to star in Will Smith's new movie

The Baby hitmaker met Smith while recording Never Say Never – the theme song for The Karate Kid – with the film’s star Jaden Smith, and he took the opportunity to express his interest in acting.

And, after shooting an appearance on TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, he has a “top secret” development deal with producer and star Smith.

Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, confirms the 16 year old is working on a feature film produced by Smith and his company, Overbrook.

Braun tells U.S. magazine Teen Vogue, the film is “a fictional piece that may have some similarities to his (Bieber’s) life.”

It is expected to begin production next spring or summer (11).


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  • i Luv Justin Bieber And Jaden Smith A Lot i Have Cursh On Jaden Smith 😉

  • zrie chrismawati

    i love you justin bieber…

  • i love jaden smith sooooo much . i want 2 meet him sooo bad i’v been dreamin to meet him for soooo long. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      yes i love very much justin bieber yeah men

  • truth buhle

    justin Buber I don’t know wat to say but I lav you ,I got an crush on you wats pity is just dat ua far away for me and u don’t evn know me but cool hey know dat I love you