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Justin Bieber (kind of) wants to stay single

justin bieber wants to stay single

All Kim Kardashian jokes aside, Justin Bieber is still an unattached teen.

“I’m single,” Bieber, 16, told PEOPLE at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. “I’m kind of looking, but I’m kind of trying to stay single.”

Even though a girlfriend isn’t a priority for the pop star, he still knows what he what he wants in his match.

“An ideal girl is someone who is funny – who can make me laugh,” Bieber says. “And someone who has nice eyes and a nice smile.”

But above all else, the “Baby” singer needs someone who can pass the test of his mom.

“My mom didn’t even want me dating, but that kind of didn’t work,” he says, adding that he “definitely” wants someone who is the bring-home-to-mom type of girl. 


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  • Anonymous

    this description is so me im not just saying that cuz i wanna date justin but seriously!!!!!

  • Dempsey

    Thats nice if its true!…….but none of us personally know Justin and so we dont really knows what makes him laugh and what his mom wants in a girl

  • Kiara

    well people say im the nicest person i know and i get good grades(mostly) and im funny,and i have a nice smile and eyes and all that that justin described……btw im the first person who commented on here^^^^^^