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Justin with his sister Jazmyn at the Winnipeg concert

Justin on Twitter: Today is gonna be a great day because I get to spend it with
a special guest…JAZZY!!

She’s so adorable!

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  • Anonymous

    awwwwwwwwww! shes so lucky to hav a great big brother like justin bieber! its great he still thinks about her!

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber is so cute n his sis to!!!!!!!! :)love u jb:)

  • keithleen

    i wish i was jazmyn

  • zairiea

    justin biber is big brother sister 2 year old he nice brother i love you so much i see your movie justin bieber never say never 2010 so happy will see your movie look eat popcorn candy whiching movie on next friday jusin bieber i love your new sons this should me 2011

  • malak

    hey justin bieber im 11 years old i live in saudi arabia my wishes is to see you at my house in khobar near steak house

  • I Lve you Justin Bieber.

    Love Judy

  • She’s so lucky to have a brother that loves her

  • vanessa

    justins sister is so lucky is brother is the hottest boy in the world

  • i love you and your sister and your brother can you wright back

  • Anonymous

    i love you

  • paigeallen


  • she is very very cute i wish i was justin bieber sister so i can be past off his family xxxx and justin bieber i am a big big fan off you and you got to see my bedroom is fall off pictures off you

  • shelbie

    i love you justin bieber and your sister