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Madison is soooooooo jealous!

“My 4yd old daughter Madison LOVES Justin Bieber, and this was shot when I went over to my mom’s where she had stayed the night & she was having a break down (it was even worse) because she seen a video on youtube that showed Justin Bieber kissing a girl….”

Love her reaction after her mom told her Justin doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore. lol. So cute!

Wonder what she thinks of Justin making out with Selena Gomez?

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  • Anonymous

    aaaw :/

  • dream

    so sadddd!!! ><

  • lucy

    i think she was put up to this hahaha

    • kka

      i think so too! haha

  • Anonymous

    ..wait ’till she finds out what he’s been doing with selennaaa 😉

  • Aw :(, That’s exactly how I felt when I first saw pictures of Justin & Selena in Hawaii.


    if she is acting she is very good

  • xD

    “What do u want from him?” HAHA I bet Madison was thinking ‘BIRBER IN MY BED’ lol no jk;)


      gross 😛

  • viki

    aww thats cute but………….. shes only a lil girl :S

  • sara

    awww that is so cute!! 🙂