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"My World Tour" Behind-The-Scenes with Jasmine Villegas

Did anyone send her any death threats?

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  • Anonymous

    she so cute !

  • Siti

    I dont get it why people hate Jasmine cause of kiss.. so what if they kiss? is Justin likes Jasmine than that is his own relationship life.. we should be happy for justin.. Jasmine a good singer, but not the best singer to me.. So dont hate on Jasmine.. !!
    BTW, What's this song called?

  • Anonymous

    the song is called "take it to the yard"

  • jarcy

    Justin bieber is so cool……but I hate him because he is one of kind boy..and also why did everybody hate jasmine..??????…..and one thing I wanna say,jasmine and justin are couple…..and jasmine I think she is the one justin bieber dreaming about……..