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Want to sleep with Justin Bieber?

Millions of girls will now have the chance to sleep in Justin Bieber’s sheets. The teenage pop star has just partnered with Canadian firm Lady Sandra Home Fashions to launch bedding, bath items and beach towels according to Home Textiles Today.

“We have created different looks based on these images–we have the ‘rock star’ Justin, the ‘laid back’ Justin, and the ‘dreamy’ Justin–all while keeping his image true to his fans,” explained Maria De Stefano, art director of Lady Sandra Home Fashions. Expect lots of purple, of course, since that’s the Bieber’s favorite color.

The line, which supposedly will be plastered with the 16-year-old’s mug, will be hitting U.S. and Canadian stores this November, just in time for the holidays.

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  • Dempsey

    Dang! Guess I know what I'll be askin for for Christmas this year! Woohoo!

  • Anonymous

    ^^^ ummm to sleep with Justin? lol kidding

  • Anonymous

    I. Won’t to sleep you. Justinbieber

  • best pron

    wcGorm the back! That was cool Once, striper were hard to find. They spend

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