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Justin Bieber gets beat up by The Rock

Since Justin is rumored to be on Wrestle Mania it’s appropriate that someone make this video. The only problem? This video is made by haters. :\ This video is nothing though. I’ll post another hater video later today which I’m sure you’ll all hate more than this.

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  • Stephanie

    This… this just crushes me like seriously. It's like a ton of metal has just crushed my heart. Gawd I wish they would just leave him alone!

  • Mel

    Bieber should have left the 12 year old alone at the laser tag then I guess. This punk deserves a beat down so Bieber if you havent learnt your lesson yet I am sure there will be more. Enjoy

  • Anonymous

    i just hate the bieber haters there is nothing wrong with liking justin bieber so the haters should just shut up and go on with their lifes

  • gianna-leigh swinton

    ….if u dont like him……SHUT DA F**** UP ALREADY…..and leave him alone….and allow us to continue worshiping…. :3 lol

  • cant all u haters leav him alone very concerned belieber lol luv u jb