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Justin Bieber loves Japan’s heated toilet seats

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Justin Bieber’s heated toilet seat comment on Facebook has sent the Internet wild reporting on his bottom. After landing in Japan, Justin Bieber took to his Facebook page to express his love of Japan’s heated toilet seats.

Justin Bieber’s official Facebook message states: “In Japan…land of the amazing heated toilet seats….ready to start the day. Book comes out tomorrow back home. It’s Tuesday already here. I’m in the future man!!”

Then just like that, the Internet went into overload relaying Justin Bieber’s love for heated toilet seats. Chances are Justin Bieber will now get quite a few heated toilet seats as gifts! Baby Bieb’s bottom will never be cold when he’s in the bathroom again. Seriously, he does have a huge fan base that includes older employed women.

The fact that Justin Bieber’s heated toilet seat comment went viral just proves how humongously popular Baby Biebs is online and off. It seems that anything having to do with Justin Bieber (no matter how silly) will make headlines.