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Justin Bieber’s Mom Says Jasmine Villegas Is Using Her Son

Justin Bieber Mom Says Jasmine Villegas Is Using Her Son

Justin Bieber might have been banned from dating by his mother. Hollyscoop reported that Pattie Mallette laid down the law on the dating game after the 16-year-old Canadian pop sensation was caught kissing Jasmine Villegas, his opening act on “My World 2.0” tour and love interest in his music video for “Baby”.

On the story, a source shared that Pattie Lynn is “freaking out that she’s losing control of her boy.” The “U Smile” singer’s mother reportedly wants to make sure no girl will jeopardize her son’s career. “And she’s afraid that his obsession with girls is sapping his time and energy, and jeopardizing his music career,” so claimed the insider.

Pattie is also said afraid that Jasmine is only using Justin’s fame for her own benefit. The source noted, “Pattie warned her son about Hollywood social climbing and told him Jasmine could be just using him to further her own career. But it pretty much went in one ear and out the other. When it comes to girls, Justin’s out of control. Right now his mom says girls are a complication he doesn’t need.”

Despite the alleged banning, Justin obviously didn’t hesitate in showing off his closeness to 16-year-old Jasmine. He was spotted giving her a big hug when she arrived in Hawaii on Friday, October 8. After spending time with her and Jaden Smith the next day, he tweeted, “Hawaii great night and great vacation here. me, jaden, and @JASMINEVILLEGAS all had a great time. thank u. cant wait to come back!!


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  • Siti

    Pattie may just be right.. Jasmine maybe using Justin for her own sake! Jasmine is a great singer but i think she should try to get fame on her own and not by hanging out with Justin and his crew all the time..

    PS: I'm STILL loving Justin. And also NOT a hater of JASMINE but not a fan of her too.. 😛

    But I'm SOOO Loving Pattie!!

    • summer


      • Anonymous


    • Anon

      I agree with you 100% 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I think. Justin b will go back to the slut of slena.

    • hey siti a yem justin you have rite is using mee in everything thanks gais you dont love jasmine thanks you are my biggers fanc

    • Anonymous

      dis agree

  • Zora

    I think Pattie might be taken this too seriously. He's a boy and you cant stop boys from liking girls. Give him a chance to date other girls and experience things and learn from mistakes.

  • Stephanie

    Well, if she's only using Justin, I bet none of us Beliebers would like her anymore

  • Anonymous

    @siti: jasmine v is a horrible singer

    • you have rite a day is just sing in the bathroom and reallly jasmine can sing is just a fake singer you gais you hate her bechoz is a fakung bitch bed me justin a thing is like a *** and gais thanks for you suporting

    • Anonymous

      Why u hating on jasmine. I bat she sings way better then u

      • Anonymous

        I hate people that r haters.

      • cece,

        I am so sexual and i know it.

  • Anonymous

    bahaha you go pattie!

  • Dempsey

    ive said it before and ill say it again, i love justins mom 🙂 also jasmin v's voice isnt that bad its really whiny and nasaly though and ive never liked her singin on overboard, even before the whole her kissing justin thing happened

  • i think pattie is right to not date selena gomez or jasmine villegas. he is just a boy but if he keeps being her boyfreind then he might never find chances to date any girls cuz then it will be too late!!!

    • .......

      I agreeee 🙂

  • Lizbeth arceo

    Well i say pattie is doing good on keeping justin bieber on task on his curer something like that hahahah lol well im just the cool type of fan wont go all crazy im undercontrold tho 😉

  • Im with pattie. Obviously Jasmine just wanted more fame. Like seriously…who does that, they use people, espicially with justin bieber.

  • Brii(:

    I can understand were she is comminq from with all of this.. i mean look.. when she was qoinq out with little Jb over here.. she had all this attention with fans && all that.. && now look.. she isnt qoinq out with him and i havent heard from her with any new songs or anythinq like that.. So yeah… but maby she could be going a little out of control.. i mean. justin’s always qunna like qirls.. there all around.. you can just keep him away from all of them.. that would be hard haha.. so yeah… i love you pattie.? rofl

  • summer

    lave him let spend time with her

  • Anon

    I agree with Pattie. She is so right and i also think that Selena might be doing the same thing now.

    And i also want to be a singer and i have for ages but if i did ever have the chance to be with Justin which is very unlikely i wouldn’t use him like that.
    I feel sorry for Bieber and especially if he can’t see that, that’s what Jasmine and Selena were/are trying to do even if it’s just a little bit.

    And I’m not hating on Selena or Jasmine. This is just my opinion.

  • catheey

    you rock pattie!!! whooooo! im not a selena or jasmine hater, but i do agree with pattie. the biebs needs to focus on his career right now. and so do selena and jasmine. im a fan of all of them! <3

  • desy

    JB <3 JV
    I'm like JB AND JV

  • Jasmine Villegas

    I promise to everyone in the world i did not use Justin For Publicist i would never do that at all Justin is a Good Friend and He will always Be.

    • Anonymous

      Hmm Well i can understand patties point of view but then again look at jasmines point if view, I don’t think jasmine is trying to achieve fame just by standing or hanging out with Justin, -_- Yet iM defending jasmine but i still support what pattie is saying

    • Anonymous

      ya she might be right
      why would she lie.

  • Anonymous

    im with jasmine v

    • Anonymous

      Fuck ue

    • im too with her

  • Anonymous

    i think patty is right

  • Monique

    I dont thats true I think sges doing her own thing like justin.. Now selena on the other hand if justin and selena werent going out selena wouldnt be getting all the attention that shes getting rite now..

  • i dont agree to pattie. i love jasmine

  • i love justmine they should get together.i also like pattie but in this case i dont go with her.

    • Anonymous

      Y the fucking god will u like jb

  • jasmine is amazing.i hate jelena.in all ways jb u let go of a pretty talented girl.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah selena needs to find a guy her age not a 17 year old.

  • do you lick jasmine v

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  • hyun

    i love jasmine she’s awesome selena is just cute

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  • JBFan97

    I think Pattie is a little bit overreacting. Jasmine wasnt trying to use Justin. If anyone is trying to use Justin….its Selena Gomez!!! That girl seriously needs to stop living off of people’s fame!!!

  • Jessica

    One thing that’s wrong her name is not Pattie Lyn Mallete its Pattie Elizabeth Mallete haha oh and I don’t think jasmine did anything wrong and she’s not using Justin for fame. She and him try to deny they were dating because she respected Beliebers she even says it. Go on YouTube and type jasmine v opens about Justin bieber and click on the interview that shows jasmine and a lady.
    PS. Many people think Selena is using Justin……. I kindav agree

  • Justin bueber

    Justin bieber more I sweeetheart marry want too meet. English Deaf am like Alejandra Magana now call :)???

  • not telling

    I think justin should be the one to tell its his life

  • cece,

    I hate. Slena. Some want. A always. Slut

  • cece,

    Think that slena. Is. Trying. To have sex. With justin. 4 money.

  • Lover of Jasmine

    love jasmine hate Justin BIEBER and dis agree