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One brand new song in JB’s new acoustic album

It’s going to be a slow song. And the release date is Nov 22. Not Nov 23 like Justin first tweeted.

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  • Anonymous

    mad nasty people wanna c jbs crotch wtf

  • unknown

    — I really really like your Song’s J-BieBs. I also want to meet you<3

    • Anonymous

      jb has the best songs.

    • ok ! tnkx ! just go to my home and i fuck you there

  • y9y


  • unknow

    i love u jb

  • I love u my friend loves u too but doesn;t even know your favorite number. 😉

    • Maddie Bieber

      heeey im his biggest fan his favorite number is 96 <3

  • what the hell

    i love sel shes fabulous and her new songs love you like love song bang bang bang dices whiplash outlaw dese are sum new songs available on jun 28 im so excited for the new album

  • yasar

    i like all of your songs jb … you are my star…sparkling over night..

  • i love you jb u r very best singer i love u n ur songs we chat at facebook u know me u chat with me at ur id justin sad

  • junfel

    hello justin!!

  • Justin I am your biggest fan in the world. Can you come in India to meet me? please.

  • trinidad posy

    justin i hope you are reading this because i am from TRINIDAD and TOBAGO but right now i am in trinidad if you do not know where it is ,it is in the caribben. i love your songs so much and would like you to come and visit in tranquility government secondaryschool in port of spain in trinidad .i am in form2 my name is Tesia

  • Anonymous

    My moms from Spain what part r u in