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There really is a Justin Beaver!! ahaha


First, it was announced that Justin Bieber dolls would be hitting toy stores this holiday season, wearing some of the singer’s outfits and playing short clips from his hits. The tween heartthrob reportedly also has a 3-D movie and his first book on the way.

But he’s really hit the big time now: A beaver in the Bronx has been named after him.

The beaver is the state mammal of New York, but for years was thought to be absent from New York City. In 2007, one beaver was discovered in the Bronx River, and was named Jose the Beaver in honor of U.S. Rep. Jose E. Serrano of the Bronx.

The second critter was discovered in September, and the Wildlife Conservation Society held a contest on bronxzoo.com to name it. “Justin Beaver” won in a landslide.

The other names in the vote were Bobbie, Chompers, Castor (part of the Latin name for the North American beaver) and Wally, as in “Wally and the Beaver” from the 1950s sitcom “Leave It to Beaver.”

“Everyone that lives and works in the Bronx should be proud of the ecological rebound that the Bronx River has made,” said John Calvelli, executive vice president of public affairs for the Wildlife Conservation Society. “José and Justin certainly appreciate it.”


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  • Dempsey

    ok so even though that photoshopped pic of JB's head on a beaver might have been a mean joke it sure as heck look cute! I want one for a pet!

  • Tyanna Bieber

    that iz not cool that is my baby making fun of just because his last name is bieber i love you justin your my lover<3

  • OMB!

    He is Justin BIEBER!! Not Biever!!
    This is not funny!! :/

  • bieberfan

    I see your Beaver Bieber, and raise you… Justin BEE-ber: bitly.com/HLw7w7 HAHAHAHA!

  • Slava

    Урод ебаный, чтоб ты сука сдох, чмо тупое, Биберское хуйло, боброрылое говно.