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Justin Bieber Christmas Contest

This contest has ended

Yay! We’re holding a Justin Bieber Christmas contest!


HOW TO ENTER: There are two ways to enter

1. TWITTER – Send us a tweet telling us you want to enter, what country you’re from, and help us spread the word about JBShrine by including the website’s url address. Something like this:

I’m from Sweden and I want to enter the @justinbieber @JBShrine contest. http://justinbiebershrine.blogspot.com
(or just click here & we’ll reply with a confirmation.)

2. EMAIL – or if you don’t have Twitter then send us an email to jb-shrine @hotmail.com with “Contest” as the subject and tell us what country you’re from.

That’s it. Easy right?

The contest starts now and ends midnight Dec 9 Los Angeles time. This will give you time to order and have the prizes sent to your home in time for Christmas.

So what can you get for $100?
Well if you’re from Canada or the USA (which 75% of you guys are) then shipping is usually free so you can get all of these for $100:


Silly Bandz Shaped Rubber Bands Bracelets 24Pack Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber 2011 12X12 Square Wall Calendar Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever (100% Official)
Justin Bieber Dots & Stripes Juniors S/S T-Shirt In Purple, Size: Small, Color: Purple
Justin Bieber Basic Dolls: Red Carpet
A Star Was Born: Unauthorized Documentary

Shipping is also usually free for the following countries:

San Marino,
Vatican city,
and the UK.

If you are from another country you can still enter this contest and if you win we will still send you the $100 gift certificate. But because Amazon does not operate in your country you will need to consider the costs for them to delivery the prizes to your house. So if it costs $25 to deliver to your house in the Philippines then you will have $75 to spend on JB merchandise (whereas the countries listed above will have $100 to spend on JB merchandise). Sorry guys. We’re not rich. But we think this is fair so that everyone can enter this contest. Sound good?

So enter now and go to the Justin Bieber Merchandise page. Take a look at what you can get, add stuff to the shopping cart for fun and see what you can put together for $100.

I don’t know how many people will enter but someone is going to win and it might as well be you right?

Any questions can be left in the comments. Twitter entries will get reply confirmations while emails entries will not.

Good luck everyone!

And share this contest with your friends!!

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  • Alexandra

    When do we find out the winners for the Never say never dvd and nail polish?

  • Amy Rebecca

    can we enter more than once?

  • hi me and my coustin rache and becca love these pictures

  • today my birthday

    • Anonymous

      that cool

  • hey i want to meet jb

  • hey i love you justin

    • Anonymous

      he dont love you

    • Anonymous

      he dont love youuu

  • I love you Justin Drew Bieber, and I really like this Bieber page! I would really aprriciate it if I won the “Justin Bieber Christmas Contest” it would mean a lot to me. Justin’s my world and I would be so happy if I could actually get some money to buy some amazing Bieber gifts! I know there is many fans out there who would want this prize just as much, but hopefully this will increase my chance just a little bit. Never Say Never!! (: xox

    Love you Belieber’s! <3

  • Oops, spelling error. (appreciate) ##

    Thank you Bieber Shrine! So much!! <3

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  • minil0obelieber

    how many winners will there be?

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  • Luz Martinez

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  • Amandaf

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