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Ne-Yo discovered Justin Bieber before Usher did – Huh?

This is a weird one. Ne-Yo has just claimed he discovered Justin at 11 when he came to a show and performed, 2 years before Usher met Justin. Isn’t this weird if this is true?

Ne-Yo discovered Justin Bieber before Usher did

Justin Bieber was first discovered by R&B singer Ne-Yo?

“Things happen for a reason,” says Ne-Yo who revealed that he was actually the “first” person to witness the talent of the hottest underage teen in the world today.

According to MSN, quoting The Sun’s interview with the ‘Closer’ singer, Ne-Yo revealed that he passed up the chance to sign Justin Bieber years ago because he was too young.

Ne-Yo explained: “He came to a show and performed and was incredible then. But I didn’t do anything because he was 11.”

But Ne-Yo added that he “have no regrets,” even though Bieber is now a hot property that is not only selling albums, but also merchandises under his name, like perfumes, dolls and even nail polishes.

In related news, Justin Bieber is one of the biggest winner in the recently concluded EMA (Europe Music Awards) in Spain. The 16 year-old singer has been crowned the Best Male Artists, beating his mentor Usher, and even Eminem.

Bieber was not in Madrid, but he thanked fans in a video: “This is amazing, i don’t know what to say. All of the other artists are inspirations to me and this is a big achievement! I owe it all to my fans, thank you very much.”


 Now if that wasn’t strange I then came across this article:


Usher Mum on Feud With Ne-Yo Over Justin Bieber

Singer Ne-Yo recently claimed it was him — not Usher — who discovered tween sensation Justin Bieber two years ago. But at the launch party for Rico Love’s new record label last weekend, Usher remained mum on the discrepancy.

Niteside asked Usher for the truth, but the hit-maker declined: “Um — next question please.”


Can you guess why I’m thinking this is so strange? If this is true then do you know why Usher (and Scooter) would want to hide this fact? And it’s not so that he could claim to discover JB but another reason.

If this is true then this is a bigger story then you guys think.

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