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Scotland wants to bring Justin Bieber back

Justin Bieber caused mass hysteria when he performed an intimate gig in Scotland in January this year, and the fans loved him so much that they’re determined to get him to return.

But they have been left disappointed after the Canadian singer’s tour schedule was released – with no dates for Scotland included.

DJ Romeo from Radio Clyde was responsible for bringing Justin to Bellshill Academy in January this year, where he performed for just 40 lucky pupils; and now he’s set on bringing the star back.

Romeo has set up a Facebook page called ‘Bring Justin Bieber to Scotland’, which over 600 fans have signed up to in less than a week.

The DJ told STV that he’ll do whatever it takes to get the singer to come back to Scotland once agian: “I kicked off the Facebook campaign as soon as his Scottish fans realised he didn’t announce a Scottish date, they turned to me for help.

“Since I’ve brought him to Scotland before I really want to make it happen again.” He added: “There’s a lot of Bieber Fever sweeping the nation right now and we need to cure it!”


Meanwhile Baby singer Justin, who will perform on this weekend’s X Factor, has revealed that he’s a fan of Wagner Carillho’s and thinks the judges should lay off him.

“I know he isn’t the best singer, but the public want him there. The judges should chill out a bit,” the 16-year-old told The Sun.


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  • jim

    i love justin bieber so much even though i am a 42 yearold man nothing will stop me being with him!