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Usher Says Justin Bieber Has ‘So Much In Store For The Future’

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It looks as though Justin Bieber has got a long career ahead of him as his mentor Usher has revealed that the 16-year-old has “so much in store for the future.”

Usher revealed MTV News: “As far as music and entertainment, that’s the begining.

“There’s so much more in store for the future, or at least there’s a ton of things we can do and will, and with the support of his fans who will continue to just grow and grow and grow.”

Having achieved so much at the age of 16, it doesn’t seem that Justin will be slowing things down anytime soon, with his 3D movie, Never Say Never out next year.

The U Got It Bad singer also revealed that he admires Justin’s “excitement and innocence.”

“His excitement and innocence in it. And I don’t mean that in a light way because I think that he’s absolutely enjoying every moment of it, as any young man his age would, but in a different way because (of) the hard work that has gone in and led to the dream that has become a reality.

“And every time you have an opportunity do something incredible, I tell him to do his best and be conscious that what you’re doing today should last forever and eternity.”