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Sorry we were requested to remove this post because it is too disturbing.

Learn more about Cutting Yourself Disorder.

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  • blackkitty567

    is that real

    • lesly

      u a=guys are dumd

  • alyssa ,

    dude , all g youh uys are so obseesed . yes he is so hoot buut reaal get lifes he’s neve gunnah be with youh ! halfof oyuh guus are so faaat andd ugllly.

    • Kimberly

      Really . ?
      I Mean Obvuisly You’ve Got Problems.
      Justin Bieber Is A Kind Person. And He Loves His Fans.
      You Say Were Obbsessed. When You Just Said He Was Hot. Your
      Just A Kreeper. Btw, I Bet Your The Fat And Ugly One. But I Dont Anounce It To The World in A Hurtful Way. Get A Life. Justin’s haters Are His Congradulators. [: GO Belibers

      • burn the beleibers

        Get a life. Learn to spell. Creeper.

    • michaelaa :)

      Calling me fat & ugly, you know cyber-bullying is a federal offence, you can call us anything we beliebers are a family, thank you for your feedback, but its not appreciated here, continue it elsewhere 🙂

      • Anonymous

        It’s not a federal offense bitch

    • martha

      shut the fuck upp alyssa yea okay we obbssesd whit him and we do have lifes bitch and we knoee he aint gonna be whit uss he got a gf but really he does lovee uss cuz we his fans and dont be calling uss fatt and ugly and if you dont like justin bieber why are you in his website


    😮 OMG that’s sad 🙁
    beliebers are supose to be a family so when belieber’s fight to see who is bigger fan it’s sad becuz at the end of the day we all a family and we all love the same person and care about him to and he doesnt want to see use fight

  • Fuckyou

    You’re all FUCKED. the comments are fucked, the article is fucked, the picture is fucked, the spelling is fucked, just w o w . everything.

    (and what the actual fuck is “Cutting yourself disorder”? lolwut. It’s called Self-harm or Self-mutilation if you want to get all technical).

    • burn the beleibers

      Idk how the fuck i got on this page, but i agree. I’ve lost all fucking hope for humanity