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How to get Justin Bieber’s attention

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  • Danielle stewart

    Heyy justin my name is Danielle I’m a HUGE FAN 🙂 I love your music your my insperation I would love for you to follow me @BieberFan_1994 please make my dream come true :)))

    • Anonymous

      keep dreaming shit face he will never make your dream come true and dont even think about responding to me now fuck off

  • Justin bieber u have been such a great person and eyeloveu. U change my life knowing that I don’t have to give up AUG12 is my birthday and it would mean the world if u had followed me on twitter (@_EYELOVEJDB_) I am a true bieber fan and I never been to a consort because my family could not get it was 2 much money but and way I always wanted to be that OLLG But never happend so just following me WOULD make me happy anyway that’s it and thank for all u have done LOVEYAH!!!!!
    – ur fan gabby 😛

  • justin bieber you have been such a great inspiration to me, your such a great person and i love you.. you changed my life knowing that you can always live your dreams, it would be absolutely everything, words cannot describe how much i would love for you to follow me on twitter( @kerbyraehardy1 ).. i’m not just writing this for you to follow me on twitter i am writing this to tell you, you have made a huge fan (me) very very happy what you do, and how down to earth you are.. i love you JB! your fan kerby:)!.x.x

  • justinbieber..
    i love you, you dont know me but i’m a fan and you love your fans! i was a fan from day one! i’m totally obsessed with you:-/ it feels like i actually know you, and that i’ve met you before:-/.. you are really nice, so down to earth you make me laugh an awful lot when i watch videos of you.. i have dreams that i meet you, and spend a day with you just as friends, but then i wake up an realise that might never happen:-/ but like you said live your dreams.. and maybe when your back in the UK, hopefully i’m going meet and great.. i dont justin bieber cos of his looks, and cos hes a celebrity i LOVE justin bieber for who he is, for what you have made me!.. ohh and another thing;-).. i tweet you every single day none stop, and you never notice me:-/ thats what gets me down all the time, i know it want be me just tweeting you, but i will never give up no matter what i love you JB!!.. NEVERSAYNEVER!.x.x

  • tara

    justin is such an inspiration… He taught me to Never say Never and Believe in myself @isayjustinbiebs…. 🙂 x

  • Jocelyn Bieber

    Can i be your one less lonely girl pls

  • julia

    i just want to be your one last lonley girl

  • Anonymous

    I Love justin bieber <3

    • Anonymous

      Love don tell them

  • Justin_Bieber_Fan.

    Justin if you see this i just wan’t to say that i LOVE you,you make my day smile…And i will ALWAYS be a beliber….Thank you Justin for doing this for me and your ather fans too <333

    Love to you from me 😉

    • Justin Drew Bieber

      Thank you 🙂

  • Pierre

    Hey man, just wanted to say you an amazing artist! Please follow back if you don’t mind Pduppy18 and thank!

    • Pierre

      sorry and God Bless hope your career is a full and prosperous one!:)

  • Kayla Bieber

    Hey Justin
    Big Fan
    I love you so much and I just wanted God to bless you in your career …. xxx
    I love you Justin … Your the reason I Believe and Never Say Never !!!
    Once a Belieber , Always with you Bieber ..xx

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