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Justin Bieber Australian tour dates officially announced for 2011

It was just officially announced that Justin’s Australian tour will begin in April of 2011.

Below are the confirmed cities and dates:

  • Tuesday 26 April Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  • Thursday 28 & 29 April Acer Arena, Sydney
  • Monday 2 & 3 May Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
  • Thursday 5 May Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  • Saturday 7 May Burswood Dome, Perth

Gold and silver tickets costs $95 and $65 respectively.

Advance tickets for visa cardholders go on sale on December 7 through www.visaentertainment.com.au, and for Frontier members on Thursday, December 9 (check frontiertouring.com for start times). General tickets are on sale from December 13.

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  • Claudia

    i am so disappoined that i couldnt get tickets to justin bieber melbourne (tour) i hope you have a great concert.xxoxooxoxo<3

  • Eliza Tonkin

    when will justin bieber arrive in melbourne what date and day ????? because i am going to his concert on may 2nd

    • Dana

      I heard he’s coming back to sydney , in december ? !!!! :DD

      • Marsella Bieber

        i heard that his coming back in december aswell i hope

  • grace

    When does Justin Bieber land in Brsbane?

  • grace

    When does Justin Bieber land in Brisbane?

  • Mel

    When does he actually arrive in Melbourne coz I wanna see him at the airport 

  • Mel

    I luv Christian Beadles 
    He’s so hot luv him sooo much


  • Grace

    I heard his coming back to melbourne or something for a concert in december this year

    • kelly

      yea i heard that too i hope so

    • Jessica

      really? do u kn when tickets go on sale??

    • emma

      is he coming back to perth to !! ?

    • Ambey

      when did you hear that Grace ???? cause it might be a rumor or something thats not true ! but i hope its true .

  • Liahna

    OMG i want him to come back to Melbourne so bad again this year concidering that i missed him on may the 2nd and 3rd. so upset.

  • Amelia

    OMG justin bieber was amazing on the 3rd of may 2011 melbourne!
    i love you Justin <3 xoxoxoxoxo

  • Danni

    is justin bieber cuming bak to australia and if he is will he be cuming bak to perth coz i missed his concert in perth and i rly want to go 🙁

    • emma

      i went, and i would do anything to go again. trust me do anything to get tickets coz he is absolutely amazing ! 🙂

  • Natalie w

    Justin Bieber is coming back at the end of the year 🙂

    • Marsella Bieber

      I heard he is coming back to australia in december. I hope so <3 @natalie w who told u he is coming back at the end of this year

  • Ambey

    I love you Justin Bieber !! i heard he is coming back in november or December this year ?? if he does i really wanna see him because i missed him when he came in may the 2nd and 3rd !!!

  • Ambey

    Does anyone know if his coming to Melbourne in Novemeber or Decemeber ?? and if he is when the tickets come out ??? i badly wanna see him live !! i would do anything to see him live !!!

  • jae

    Apparently he is coming to Australia again some time at the end of the year.
    (november, or december) and tickets go on sale in august.
    i fuccccccccccccccking excited.

  • meyerwalkerx

    Okay guys, yes Justin Bieber is coming back to Melbourne in December and tickets go out in August 😀
    you should DM him and tweet him on twitter to ask 🙂 xoxo

  • Mabel Bieber

    i really want to go to his concert in dec if its true i hope it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mabel Bieber

    is it true anyone no

    • paige howitt

      yeah im pretty sure it is 🙂

  • Mabel Bieber

    il ring him

  • gemma bieber

    u guys he will come bak in december.. dont worry. my dad does work on him (works for him) not too close tho and jb is thinkin of comin bak

    • Elly

      :0 if he is coming back i wanna go soooooooooo badly

  • Anonymous

    omg i cant wait for the 3rd of december my birthday is on the 4th and im sooo keen!! <3

  • paige howitt

    3 rd OF DECEMBER GET KEEN!!! <3

  • Anonymous

    Where will he be touring in early December?