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Justin Bieber Comic Sells Out, Graphic Novel Arriving In March

justin bieber comic

Will Justin Bieber the comic book character become more popular than Spider-Man and Batman? 

“Fame: Justin Bieber” from Bluewater Productions has just sold out, and a new graphic novel on the teen singing idol, “Fame: Justin Bieber: The Graphic Novel,” has just been announced for March. The graphic novel will reprint the original comic book plus include bonus materials. “Fame: Justin Bieber” will not be available outside the new graphic novel.

The book, written by Tara Broeckel Ooten and illustrated by Claudio Avella, will feature a new cover by Francesco Crisci. It follows Bieber’s rise to fame from a musical childhood in Ontario to international superstardom.

Other upcoming “Fame” offerings are “Fame: The Cast of Glee” & “Fame: Lady Gaga: The Sequel,” both hitting stands in the next few weeks, and “Beyonce” & NASCAR’s “Danica Patrick” in January.