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Justin Bieber fans start false rumors about Caitlin Beadles hospitalization

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Justin Bieber’s only true official ex-girlfriend, Caitlin Beadles is in the hospital, and rumors are running rampant that a crazed fan put her there. The rumor mill, which follows the teen dream like a swarm of hungry locusts, is claiming Beadles was stabbed by a girl whose case of Bieber fever had reached near fatal proportions. So far there is no evidence to substantiate those claims. Beadles’s hospital admission seems to have resulted from natural causes.

According to Lombok Medianet, Beadles, an aspiring actress, was suddenly afflicted with “some breathing difficulties last night,” and rushed to the hospital. While “no (other) details have been given so far for her ailment,” her condition had nothing to do with a stabbing or any other kind of physical altercation or attack. Fortunately, “it appears that Caitlin Beadles is doing much better today after her medical scare.”

It is also fortunate that Beadles’s medical problems had nothing to do with some unstable young girl’s obsession with Justin Bieber. The fact that these truly horrifying rumors spread like wildfire and seemed absolutely believable to many is an indication of how much emotion many young women have invested in the fantasy of someday having a relationship with Justin Bieber. The Biebs is the The Teen Dream (of the moment) and all, but maybe a little reality check is in order. Just because Beadles–or any other young woman for that matter–has dated Justin Bieber “shouldn’t make her a target for the star’s enthusiastic young fans. It’s time for the young girls to just settle down and accept the fact that the singer may just have a life off-stage.”

Shouldn’t the Bieb’s true fans, i.e. those who really care about him be happy to see him happy in his off-stage life? Or have things already gone too far? Is is time for parents to intervene and get some Bieber Fever fans some help?

What do you think?


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  • adriel

    I think many need to get help ! I love him as a singer but that’s going way to far !