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Justin Bieber got a Kim Kardashian life-size poster

justin bieber kim kardashian

Justin Bieber was gifted with an almost life-size poster of Kim Kardashian during a recent interview.

The ‘Pray’ singer was being interviewed backstage at Q102’s Jingle Ball by Maxwell when he was given the gift-wrapped picture of Kardashian in a bathing suit.

The teenager, who performed at the festive event on Wednesday night, then pretended to walk away clutching the poster, joking: “I’m leaving on this note!”

Bieber later posted a link to the video interview on his official Twitter feed alongside a message to Kardashian saying: “Glad u could make it tonight. haha (sic)”

She later responded: “Always there 4 u! LOL!”

The pair became friends after meeting at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in May and later posed together for a Graduate-themed photoshoot in Elle.


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  • I think he´s AWSOME!
    And a really good person.
    I don´t andrestand why some fans got angry with Kim… She just took some pictures qith him, and they are JUST friends.
    I lovee him, but he is dating with Selena. I really want to be her!!! She´s really lucky, I hope she enjoy all her time with him.
    Justin is beautiful, and my wish is meet him. He looks amazing.
    xoxo Michelle.

  • i cant beleive your dating selena gomez wow all your fans r jelouse 🙁 me 2 but what ever makes 🙂

  • you should date me hehe i heard u were coming to shreveport im sooo totally coming love u always and foreber.Iv’e got bieber fever love u