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Selena Gomez tweets "I Love You" to Justin Bieber?

Know what’s funny?

Every time I post something funny or negative about Selena Gomez we get a whole bunch of unfollows on Twitter. Lots of people unfollowed after I made a post about how Selena was using a cheap trick to win over Justin Bieber fans and the same thing happened when I joked about Selena sitting on Justin’s lap for breakfast.

I think I’m ready for the 3rd wave of un-follows…..

Below is a tweet made by Selena:

selena Gomez justin Bieber

Now let’s think about this tweet.

First it has no name attached. So who could it be that Selena wants to profess her love so publicly to but yet she chooses not to attach a name to the tweet. Her mom? Her dog? Does she love Twitter? Who does she love? Why be so mysterious?

Secondly, right now Selena knows how much attention she’s getting from her recent closeness to Justin, among fans and in the media. Everyone keeps asking her if she’s dating JB. So she must know that to make a public tweet like that at this very moment will definitely lead people on to thinking it’s for Justin.

So here’s the thing. If this is for Justin then good for them. Good for him and great for her. They would be cute together. I would be happy for both of them. If she is really in love with him and can’t hold it back and this is her own way of showing it then I can totally understand.

BUT if this is not meant for Justin then my respect and love for Selena just went down the drain because this obviously means the tweet is yet another cheap publicity stunt. Get my point? For her sake it better be Justin because if it isn’t then get ready for a big backlash in the very near future because this is a very lousy trick.

And honestly, even if this was for Justin I still think it’s kinda lousy of her to tweet “I love you” especially when she is “supposed” to be hiding their relationship. She could have simply called him instead of making such a public tweet.

Selena is milking Justin for publicity.

Ok, I’ma hold ma breath. Go ahead. Unfollow @JBShrine.

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