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Diamond Bracelet One – Purity Ring None

One more post for the road as I think this is a more appropriate last post and helps sums up what we’ve been saying for over a month now. (And of course reps lie.)
selenagomez purity ring

This was the day we’ve been waiting for.

As we have said, Selena Gomez always wears her purity ring to big events and the People’s Choice is one of the biggest. No purity ring this time. But I do see a sparkling diamond bracelet (which Justin’s rep has denied). And even if that isn’t the diamond bracelet that JB gave her is she trying to send a message by wearing one instead of her purity ring when there are reports that he bought her a diamond bracelet and not wearing her purity ring when there are reports that she stopped wearing one fo JB? Hmmmmm…. Something to think about.

So is she no longer pure? Or is she sending a statement just days after being photographed kissing Justin Bieber?
Btw, Selena Gomez and her band The Scene beat Justin in the Breakthrough Artist category. Shocking.
Thanks everyone. And always support and celebrate Justin Bieber <333