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Justin Bieber shows off his 3D purple glasses at Golden Globes

Justin Bieber shows off his 3D purple glasses at Golden Globes

Justin Bieber was on the 68th Annual Golden Globes red carpet just outside the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday Night.

The entertainer was standing next to the hostess who was doing a live feed for NBC and sporting a pair of purple glasses. This might have been odd for some, but the fans knew what was up.

“My movie is called Never Say Never, these are my 3D glasses,” says Justin Bieber who gave up the glasses.

The purple glasses are part of the 3D experience of Never Say Never Movie that will be out in February 11. Justin Bieber was definitely having a good time and bringing out the fun for his audience. Those fans who bought the Never Say Never experience tickets definitely picked out these fantastic glasses as they already have a pair and are ready to head to the theater.

If you didn’t see Justin Bieber on the Golden Globes, check out Justin and the glasses in the video clip. He looks cool with the purple glasses and reminds us all that the film is coming soon!


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