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Justin Bieber to Give Ellen DeGeneres His Hair as Birthday Gift

After Ellen reveals on Twitter that one of the things she wants for her birthday is a lock of his hair, the ‘Baby’ hitmaker responds with a tweet that read, ‘i think i can make that happen.’

Justin Bieber is going to make one of Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday wishes comes true. TV talk show Ellen has unraveled on Tuesday, January 25 that one of her wishes for her 54th birthday is to have a lock of the “Baby” hitmaker’s hair, and the teen heartthrob didn’t waste any time to tell her he can make that happen.

The Twitter exchanges began with Ellen posting, “It’s my birthday tomorrow! All I want for my birthday is world peace, and a lock of @JustinBieber’s hair.” Justin was quick to write back, “@TheEllenShow i think i can make that happen. i know people that know people that know people. those people also know people.” Ellen then retweeted, “You just made me really happy. Now bring me the hair.”

In another news, the Wednesday, January 26 episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will present a few surprises guests for Ellen. [SPOILER ALERT!] According to Cinema Blend, Pink will serenade the comedienne during her opening monologue. Julia Roberts, Colin Farrell, Jaden Smith and One Eskimo will also show up.