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Justin Bieber will sit next to Halle Berry at Golden Globes


As all eyes will be upon the 68th Annual Golden Globes Awards on Sunday night, we have to wonder how many of those eyes will be on stage and how many will be looking for Justin Bieber. 

The young entertainer will be attended his first Golden Globes as a presenter and fans are excited.

Yesterday the Golden Globes website posted a photograph of Justin Bieber at Saturday rehearsals. Delightful as it was to see Bieber going over his part in the show, we couldn’t help but look over his shoulder. In the photo you can see that Bieber is sitting next to Halle Berry. You know Halle, the big time movie star who is absolutely gorgeous.

The placement of where Justin Bieber will be sitting at the Golden Globes definitely is of interest as fans want to see the entertainer on camera during the show. More than once perhaps. Twice would be nice but a camera shot of Justin Bieber every three to five minutes would be the best. Sitting next to Berry means there is plenty of eye candy at the table for everyone to watch so it really would be a shot of Berry and Bieber.