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Kim K’s Best 2010 Moment is the Justin Bieber Elle photoshoot

Kim Kardashian may be 30, but the reality starlet has the heart of a tween.

Her top memory of 2010, according to her website, was her much-talked-about photo shoot with Justin Bieber.

“Such an amazing setting and super fun shoot,” she wrote of the Elle shoot in the Bahamas.

The star’s sexy photos with the tween star sparked unexpected controversy and even death threats from crazed Bieber fans after ridiciulous rumors spread that the then-29-year-old and 16-year-old were a couple.

“So I was Twittering him, like ‘hey Biebs, this is crazy, getting death threats from your fans.’ I think they were 10-year-olds that got carried away, so he asked all his Biebers to stop attacking me,” Kardashian told US Weekly in June.


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