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Selena Gomez: Pregnant, Purity, Bieber, Underage Love!

Selena Gomez drops the purity ring for Justin Bieber; plans to get pregnant?

Selena Gomez pregnant is being searched right now and I am really not sure why. I mean I know the 18-year-old Disney star has taken off her purity ring for Justin Bieber but… pregnancy seems a little far-fetched. Gomez’ parents are already furious that she has taken the ring off, I doubt the onset of a pregnant rumor are going to calm them down.

It turns out that the recent Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating news has sparked an outrage with Gomez’ parents. Ricardo Gomez and Mandy Teefy are PISSED off that Gomez has stopped wearing the purity ring that she has had on since she was 12-years-old. They have said stated that Justin Bieber needs to stop seducing their daughter and are hoping that she doesn’t make a huge mistake; Bieber-Gomez babies out in the wild…what a scary thought!

It is said that even DISNEY has taken a stand and stated that the whole Selena GomezJustin Bieber underage love affair is completely out of hand. They even reference the recent sexcapades of the young Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus. Of course, Bieber’s mother has spoken out on the whole controversy and says that Gomez seduced Bieber!

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  • Anonymous

    What happened to justin he said that u shouldent do it until your married

    • Shanleigh

      Hi Justin

      • leo

        don’t say hi to that singing girl

        • Anonymous

          i think that selena gomez and justin bieber broke up

        • selana

          i hard that justin was kissing his half-sister

      • Anonymous

        You. Are. So. Messed. Up.

        • Anonymous

          who?selena aww well she is o slut she didnet just take of her purity ring becuz her and my cuzin dated she sleeps around with diffrent bous F.Y.I

        • Anonymous

          baby are cute but you should only have baby if you are going to takecare of the baby .

    • Anonymous

      in my eye people shouldent think about having children untill their married plus it would make both of their careers difficult more than it needs to be

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Justin UR TO YOUNG GOD DAMMIT

        • Anonymous

          OK well its their decision so just let them go with what they want to do with their lives!!

        • Aneles

          This is their choice u cannot decide for them we have no right to judge them!

        • Anonymous

          You don’t say that to him he is way to cute

    • erin austin taylor

      ikr i hpe they break up because i dont want them to make a mastake that would be verry bad

      • Anonymous

        ikr i hope they brake up cause selena gomez is my baby i love her idgaf about bieber as long as they brake up im good lols ILOVE YUH SELENA GOMEZ AMA GET FAMOUS FOR YUH THEN WE GONA HAVE BABIES

        • Anonymous

          i love u justin

        • anonymous

          omfg really

    • elly

      mabe he lied i’m not saying i hate him but mabe he did oh and his lfe he do it if he want its non of our dang business. i mean i don’t really care i think if Selena is haveing a baby with Justin it would be a cute baby

      • anonymous

        are you carzy justin shouldn’t have a baby utill he’s 29 puls she not the right girl for him

    • Anonymous

      his balls dropped

    • christine


    • ARIANY

      I love u Justin I love u too Selena u guys are great singers Im a fan of Gomez n BIEBER

    • Hey justin my name hannah big fan I watch your show
      Never say never

    • Anonymous

      that’s not true because he is 50 years old jb sucks. He sings like a girl

      • anonymous

        he doesn’t sing like a boy anymore you nitwit wtf
        …his voice freaken broke jees louis…

    • Anonymous

      i dont see what the probably is they make a cute couple and its up to her who she wants to date or marry but i think selena and mason from wizards of waverly place is nicer but justin bieber is hot

      • i dont see what the problem is they make a cute couple an its up to her who she wants to date or marry bit i think selena and mason from wizards of waverly place is nicer but justin bieber is hott and i love selena gomez and justin bieber and i always will whatever they decide i will try to help them love you loads Jelena

        • anonymous

          well i think she should go out with nick joans or Geregg sullkin

      • anonymous

        she should go back out with nick jonas their the same age puls selena is 19 years and she turing 20 in july and he’s only 18 that’s not right for a 18 year old and 20 year old to go out with each ohter

    • nice one…..love you both….justin and selena are made for each other…i love you two…..

    • Anonymous

      Yeah..! i mean Selena is a bitch , she’s a girl..its all in her hand..!!

  • dear justin biber i used 2 b a bieleber until u and dat bitch whom is 18 who 2 me is lyke fucking 19 .yeesh you r a godamn liar like every guy who’s an asshole .it is illegal 4 you 2 date selena gomez mark my words justin bieber half of your fans hate u now 4 this and it will hunt you 4 ever! damn boys n men really dont know how 2 keep promises . u made this happen so u fix it ur damn self!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heck ya coulda dated victoria justice!?read it n weep selena n justin!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      none of that shit is true so calm urself if they like eachother let them its none of ur concern u should be happy that hes happy and in love no mad cuz hes datin one of the hottest girl actors just saying

      • U r right it none of our consern we sould be happy for them =) =)

      • Anonymous

        i love both of them so muchhh…they are mad for each other….keep on singing ……

    • Aniestin

      omg, so now you hate justin because hes dating selena gomez!? its his choice they love each other, they wanna be wit each other, you should be happy for them, at least justin..gosh.
      and its not illegal, justin is canadian so its ok, when ur 14 , so technically its not illegal, what now bitch! haha

      • Chelsie Bieber

        And thank you Aniestin!!!!!!!! Your totally right

        • Selena

          O mi god if me and justin want to have sex and you don’t like it then get over it cause we did

        • leo

          Prov it. If you can’t that means that you did not have S.E.X with him so bet it


        • anonymous

          suht the fuck up you dumb bitch your so supidt

    • Chelsie Bieber

      Justin can date whoever he WANT to date!!!!! You can’t not make Justin date Selena. Okay? Okay! And its not illegal to date someone his age and date someone that is like a year and a half older than that person! ITS NOT ILLEGAL!!! And not half of his fans hate HIM its half of his fans that hate Selena!!!! I dont hate either one of them!!!!!! I think they are both really good ppl! Im a fan of them both. Selena is the one that technically lost a lot of her fan or beliebers just hate her now bc she is dating Justin! But Im not one to hate either one of them bc of their desicion. I think they are both a very GREAT couple…you might not but thats your desicion to not think that or not like them! Its their desicion….Justin Probablly just changed his mind…Okay? Everybody changes their mind about something!!!!!!!! So you just need to keep your opinions to yourself!!! Anyways why “write” to Justin or Selena or both of them for that matter bc we all know both of them arent gonna read it its just the people that go on this FANSITE! And if your not a Belieber then why come on this page anymore just to write mean things!!!!

      • Chelsie Bieber

        ok on what i said i didnt read it yet sooooooo about the whole changing the mind thing, yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! i guess i should have read the thing first.. but still i dont see selena or justin “doing it” until theyre married!!! this is all just a bunch of bull sh*t!!!!! its all lies…Im starting to not like this FANSITE anymore bc its all a bunch of LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          i think justin is totally sexy!

        • jen

          o mi god me 2 but i think he and me should be together, not him and selena

      • nikki

        ur totally right chelsie

      • anonymous

        hey… are you related to justin biebr:)

    • Anonymous

      It’s their life and they can date if they want 2 and plus if their fans are going 2 stop liking them just because their dating then their not really fans! Its their life not yours they make the decisions and FYI it’s not illegal the consent age is 16 which justin is!

      • Aleice

        I agree with you it’s none of anyone elses buisness


      you fking liar i can keep a secret im a boy

    • Anonymous

      Justin, if all of these people were really your fans then you would think that they wouldn’t care who you dated and that they would be happy for you since you’re in love! And all of you people who are mad because he is dating Selena, you just need to get over yourselves! It’s not like you have a chance anyway!!!

      • Anonymous


    • Rachel

      You people need to watch your mouths. How do you know if it’s true or not ,huh? If it is true let them enjoy destroying their lives and leave them ALONE!!!! I`m14 years old and alreadly have a life. You who cuss out on the internet need to get one your selves like i did!

    • Anonymous


      • Lilly

        Yr dm wrng “nonbiliever”!

    • Anonymous

      Jb has no fans

      • tavia

        fyi he does ok so dont get it twisted he is my cuzin so ddi bitch

    • Anonymous

      Justin’s fans dont hate Justin. They love him. They hate Selena cause she’s datin’ him. Why do you think they are sending her death threats?

      • anonymous

        cause they hate her but i don’t hate her i think she is a awsome girl and they should never breke up love you gyus

      • Anonymous


    • tavia

      u fuckin bitch half of his fans do not hate him fyi so fuk of hoe

    • Anonymous

      you shouldnt quit liking someone because hey choose to find happiness. its pretty pathetic that you base your life on someone you havent met. if they want to be happy together it is none of our business. you try to control him by telling him he is losing fans?? your not a very good person. let them be happy. and it is legal for them to be together because he is 18 and she is 19 if he was like 15 or 16 and her 18 thats illegal but if you dont have a law degree and you are not ther parents you have no place in there lives telling them what they can or cannot do!!!

  • Anonymous

    That is TrueX(

  • jwowww

    Justin wooooooowwwwwwww dis showss that people do change and even the good ones can change for the worse

  • the nonbeliever

    Look u dumb bitches I can’t believe you would sayin sht its nun of dam bisness wat he does he never be wit you anyways you probaly a ugly ass whore who thinks she’s all hot oh and just so that you can know paparatzi can easily photoshop it to make it look and if it is true you don’t need to know or care. Ps jwooow is a dumb bitch later dumbasses

    • Fuckin hopeles justin never gt your desire end rather sooner or later we can be a partner for new ongoing network of the world pop singer..eeh lme u try

    • mckenzie

      really selena you are making a big mistake am trying to be siportive but for now on follow your hart. do not make mistakes it could make thinings difficlut think about what you do first find sombody you realy love first :-0 🙂


  • I think JB can date who ever he likes and not just saying that so I sound nice and friendly! He will be 18 next year and then he can do what ever he wants to and its not none of our bisness.. So keep yo nose out of stuff that doesnt have anything to do with you, OKAY? Get it, Got it, GREAT!! 😀

    JB & SG <3

    • justin bieber el paso texas home
      friends bihary 8

    • Anonymous

      If is not illegal if your parents agree and know about the relationship!!! Their parents have made it clear that they know and agree with everything going on… they might not like the fact that their talking about having kids but how do you that they are talking about it?! Paparazzi can do anything! We dont even know for a fact that JBs favorite color is purple! We can’t believe everything!! Especially if it’s in a MAGAZINE!!!!

  • Jbh

    I am now a jbh which stand for Justin bieber hater. I don’t think Selena and Justin r just friends

    • Aniestin

      why do u hate him? cause hes dating selena? wtf he loves her, she loves him, what a belieber you are! (sarcastic voice)

  • Hey selen a is my favorite i dnt kno he bu t she is like my sis. I LOVE U SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA:)

  • you are svc

  • Anonymous

    i dont like u eny more

  • jaysmine yuo

    Dear justin, i have to tell you somethin’ ….. nane.IDon’t date Selena Gomez you guys are not made for eachother. P.S. you’re music stinks.

    • Chelsie Bieber

      Dear jaysmine yuo, its not you desicion whether or not they are a good couple or not! In their minds they are the best couple, I think the same thing, I think that theyre a VERY cute couple!!!! They are happy together, sooooo…………LEAVE THEM ALONE. and P.S. if you dont like JB’s music dont come on this FANSITE and say that you dont like his music

  • love.

    …I can’t believe you people believe this crap lol it is so fake!

    • ur so fake freeke

    • Well it there disishon well it justin so wat is it yes or no if u want to have a baby please make a good disidhon but fallow yor hart =) =).

  • I hate you . I thought you are sweet but. I can,t explain. I loved your. sorry. @@ ^

  • I hate you . I thought you are sweet but. I can,t explain. I loved you. sorry. @@ ^

  • frankagathine

    now that a story… i can’t believe it!!!!

  • Taaylor

    Wow Justin what happen to STAYING GROUNDED i thought you wouldn’t be like this I’m your biggest fan i love you to death and my niece do to she goes to your school Jeanne Suave Catholic School in Stratford Ontario, but i thought you wouldn’t let fame and stuff go to your head guess I was wrong 🙁

  • kassy

    ok first of all you guyz shouldnt be carring bout justin nd selena. you r not them so u can be making decissions for them if they want to date ok. if you dont agree with them dating keep it to ur self other people could want them to date. keep it tou ur self ok.

  • lisa

    selena is a hoe thats why i dont like her

    • selena fan

      Only reason you think she is one is cuz you aree one and you are just trying to take your anger out on selena just to make your self feel beter!!

    • that is not very nice

  • Anonymous

    I think they can date each other if they want why does everyone care
    is it because you all love him and being protective of him he not going to date you is he

  • selena gomez pregrant by justin bieber

  • Anonymous

    i think if u guys like justin for him that you wouldnt care what other people would think of them dating im just happy that justin is happy and selena so if you really love him and want to now about this just wait till justin just tells it face to face because im a beliber and i like justin and selena as both stars and i trust justin and selena judgement more then gossip thank you from beliber karli

  • Anonymous

    selena could be pregnat but i have faith that she isnt justin i think you should date who you like so justin if you read this ? i love evreything about you sometimes your down but when your down it makes me feel upset and me and all of your belibers try to make you happier i will always love you justin when you feel down just talk to your fans about your problems well some of them at least or others just freak out because your talking to them but justin i am the type of person that can communicate my name is karli thank you justin for helping us down in the hard times its our turn to help you love you always karli and your belibers:}

  • selena fan

    Selena I am your num 1 fan and I really suport you and justin is awsome to so you guys are the perfect couple if you want to be together you do that just ignore all the haters and live your life the way you want to I know you’ll make the rite choice so if you want to date him then date him I will suport your choice!:)

  • selena fan

    Selena I am your num 1 fan n I really suport you n justin is awsome to so you guys are the perfect couple if you want to be together you do that just ignore all the haters and live your life the way you want to I know you’ll make the rite choice so if you want to date him then date him I will suport your choice!:)

  • stillabelieber

    Guys its fake all of it since selenas fat ass can’t get publicity her mom pushed her into dating him justin bieber doesn’t like her its all a hokes

    • sheisafamemonster

      EXACTLY! Agreed 100%

    • Anonymous

      how is she fat?? she is beautiful. to me it just sounds like everyone hating them are just jealous. i dont know them personally obviously so who are we to judge we only know what the press says how do you know anything is true

  • u and selena r a perfect couple u guys should date for ever

  • Kitty

    dude! WHY?! HOW?! This was now heard in June. THIS IS NOT LOL!

  • Chelsie Bieber

    This is soooooooooooo F***IN’ a LIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe they would put this BULL SH*T on here!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is all just a lie…I know Justin ans Selena would never do that. I wonder who is the owner of this bc they are F***IN JACK A**ES!!!!!! and i cant believe some of these ppl believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:|

    • nikki

      right on chelsie

      • Wat You Tot……!Tellin You Dredz Bunch A Fools!*

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  • dear justin bieber shrine web site hi my name is david conway , i am not making comments tonight i have news flash and 911 please stop justin bieber please just look at the maui hawai beach justin bieber is making selena marie gomez pregnant just look at his hands is going to touch her private part that makes her pregnant help me please justin bieber shrine fansite blog , helpmis selena marie gomez now , love david b conway

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  • SomeBudy Please Tell Me How Selena && Justin Bizzness Get’s Yall Bizzness!!*

  • If He Want’s To Be Wid Dhaa Girl Let Him Bee!!!!*
    Yall Foreign Ppl Have No Sense!*……Stop Mindin Ppl Bizzness Geee’z!
    Be Like We Bahamian Ppl Leave Ppl Man Alone

  • Anonymous

    if u r dump him think about your fans and dream

    • Anonymous

      dont do this for some guy he told me sercerts that will hurt u he told me this himself.

  • Anonymous

    don’t give all of it up for a guy,he kip dark sercerts that might hurt u

  • Anonymous

    don’t give all of it up for him,truthfully he kip dark sercerts from u that might hurt u.he told me it

  • Anonymous

    dont’ do this for some guy he told me dark sercerts that will hurt u badly he told me it himself

    • Anonymous

      if u r get an abortion u can’t trust him for any reason.please for your safety.

  • hi justin bieber iam 1 of your fan is selena gomez prenget and i love you so much.and i looking at your posters and u look so cute baby and i got all of the cds that igot…………

  • Pinkitty14

    is selena really pregnant?

  • Eileen

    I will still love u both even if u become parents that is if its true selena is pregos.

  • anonymous

    hes not even that good of a singer….they just autotune his voice

  • Anonymous

    its weird how most of justin beiber fans are only girls and maybe like 3 are boys

  • sheisafamemonster

    Every single day there is a new drama with them. It’s OLD. It’s stupid and drama filled. Fans are arguing, weddings, marriages, kids.

    I never liked Selena Gomez. I’m just going to put that out there before I start making some points.

    I became a fan of Justin Bieber in 2008. There was no drama back then. Nobody was being called fake, or whatever. We ALL just liked Justin. He was content, and so were we. He was on the way to fame.

    I would love to know what’s happened since then. People are saying “being with Gomez has made him grow up.” I don’t think that’s true at all. Growing up ISN’T what happened here, and growing up DOESN’T happen that quickly. The relationship is FAKE in my eyes, and it’s to stir up the pot and get them both in the news more. Seeing Justin’s squeaky clean image get scorched for some STUPID publicity stunt has driven fans away. People want to be a fan of someone WITHOUT the drama. There is ENOUGH in the real world and in our lives, why are the Bieber and Gomez team dragging more out there? Do they think that we have no lives but star radars?

    If it was real, wouldn’t they be seeing that their little I love you tweets are making people feel TERRIBLE and TRY to keep it private? If it was REAL, Justin wouldn’t be BLIND SIDED. True love doesn’t make you forget about who bought you to the top until you get awards or want them to go out and support your latest perfume, book, album, or movie. OUR opinions used to matter to him. It seems like its suddenly “I’m 17 and I’m gonna do whatever I want.”

    IT’S ENOUGH ALREADY! Can’t I just see articles in magazines about him without the name Selena inked on the page? Some people are going to say “because they are boyfriend and girlfriend.” Okay. Sure they are. But your world DOESN’T revolve around your boyfriend or girlfriend. Why is everything that has to do with him suddenly about her? It’s like they want to be a packaged deal, and that’s stupid because many fans aren’t fans of the other celebrity.

    If the fame was the goal, they have stirred peoples emotions enough and it needs to stop. Everything has been dragged into the picture, fans, family, news reporters, paparazzi, the whole sha bang. It’s ENOUGH already. The whole world knows they are together. Now what? Drift away suddenly? They are just going to be seen PDAing all over the place, and suddenly…stop? That’s what’s happening right now. I used to love being a belieber BECAUSE There was no drama. Now everywhere I turn there is drama. It’s just disappointing.

  • Jen

    omg u guys r ovrreacting!!!! they can do anything they want!!!!

  • So…did they have a baby or what xD
    if they did i wonder what it looks like….ADORABLE [:

    any way… do yall have a weeworld?

  • you rock i love u do u wont to date i am as old as j.b. but i wont to date j.b. please

  • Mel

    Omg!!! No one is ever gonna date neither of them u guys just hate!!! If u guys were true fans u would feel happy for them jb and selena are in love…and they might even get married. What are u gonna do then still hate. Ur not fans of jb because none of u guys are happy for them..and this site just lies about selena being prego. Plus what if u dated jb and everyone hated u how would u feel. Selena & justin have enough going on with all the lies made about them. I dont get what people get out of making people feel bad and making lies up. Who ever punched selena in the mouth should feel so bad. When u hurt and make fun of selena u hurt jb make him cry…Do u like hurting jb? I thought u were fans ur just wanna bes! Don’t hate most of u r like 13 14 and maybe 15 or less than 13 age doesn’t matter with u guys wanting to be with jb then y would it matter with him and selena. I hope u have fun hurting people’s feelings even though they are famous that doesn’t mean they are not human beings.

  • Anonymous

    You Should All Stop. They Both Have Their Own Decisions Just Like We Have Ours. If She Wants Kids With Him, She Can Have Kids With Him. If He Wants To Love Her, He Can Love Her. Just Becauuse YOU Dont Like It You DO NOT Make Their Decisions. Their Life. Their Choice. Dont Like It – Dont Search It. Its Called A FANpage For A Reason.

  • Anonymous

    ^^^^^^ Adding To The Above ^^^^^^
    I Dont Actually Like The Either Of Them Personally. But If You Were Dating Somone Famous And All The World Were Saying They Hated You. How Would You Feel? I Only Came On This Page To See If Selena Gomez Was Really Pregnant Because I Had Heard Rumors. So What If She Is. Her Choice + His Choice. Shes 18 For Gods Sake.

  • Xavior

    Ok so I know it’s their decision but I just don’t like the fact that beiber says he Christian then does this and please beiber I you read this I love you man but please don’t claim to be Christian if that’s the example you set for Christian and the reason , not trying to be mean, but that’s the reason people call us hypocrite sorry love you guys but please

  • aleesya

    i lovee justin beiberrrrrrr!!!!!<3

    • Anonymous

      I don’t I hate him and always will

      • Anonymous

        justin bieber is a stupid ass bitch

        • Anonymous

          Shut up let them do whatever the he’ll they want

        • Anonymous

          ur a stupid ass bitch!!!!!

        • mistery

          He’s not a bitch maybe ur a bitch and a big one and leave jb and sg alone bitch because imagine u and ur guy or a guy with his girl u woudent want ppl to say ur guy is a ass bitch or girl is

    • Okay listen .. 1.)they are to young , 2.) she gave up her purity ring , 3.) his fans will be let down but they need to accept his happiness if they really love him . But it’s gonna hurt alot of people .where I am ima have to keep it s secret from my cousin or they will talk alot of shut about her they aren’t surpass too it’s hilarious . Marriage and having a baby is a big commitment . Together who knows she might want his money selfish bitch (anyways ) what if he or the break up and she gets him for child support . I’d hate to be her . Please don’t marry her she’s a hoe hahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    I dont like justin bieber but i like his songs

  • I dont like justin bieber but i like his songs

  • Judith

    i think justin bieber dont deserve selena!!!!!

    • ssquare

      i agree sister

      • mistery

        Shut up ppl respect selena gomez and justin biebers feeling even if some ppl hate them u guys shoudent be mean because they have feelings two just like any other human …..

    • ssquare and ttriangle

      yah that and i just hate him

    • bella

      i think their a cute couple and could get married if they wnt to but i think they could wait a yr or 2 and having a baby is kinda 2 far maybe wen Justin Bieber is 18 then they can 🙂

      • Anonymous

        haha no that should never happen!! Justin quiefer is a fag

  • sarah

    I love JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! Too be honest I hate JUSTIN BIEBER hatters… AND I don’t think that’s true at all she’s too smart of a girl… AND SHE’S PRETTY!!!! AND HE’S HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? :))

    • Anonymous

      o really ya love justin bieber wow ya must be pretty stupid

  • sarah

    I love JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! Too be honest I hate JUSTIN BIEBER hatters… AND I don’t think that’s true at all she’s too smart of a girl… AND SHE’S PRETTY!!!! AND HE’S HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? 🙂

    • manecha

      I think justin dont deserve selena

      • Anonymous

        Ik right selana is a dumb ass bitch

        • selena

          selena not a dumb bitch stupid fucker

  • i neeeeeeeeeeed and you neeeed me .

  • Anonymous

    i think they are way to de having babies.to be honest i don’t even think they shoud be dating because selena is older than justin

    • Mario

      Thank you finally someone agrees to that


  • aishh

    i hate justin bieber and now i hate seleno

    • alexis

      Well i hate u cause u hate selena gomez!!!!!!!!!! I just LOVE selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jay

        i hate justin but i love selena i bet someones making it up!!!

        • bella

          why do ppl hate justin bieber he dident do anything 2 u guys so stop getting ur panties in twist gaaa their just like me and u just human beanings living a normal live so get out of their personal life

        • courtney

          i agree just leave them alone

      • Mihaela

        Il urasc pe bieber si pe selena

    • selena

      and i hate you aishh

  • Famous Monster

    Who cares?!?!

  • Mario

    This is getting way out of hand. Someone needs to take the reins and settle it!!!!

  • Il urasc pe bieber si pe selena ,bieber ma nselat cu cretina de selena noi doi eram un cuplu frumos!! :((:((

    • bella

      what cnt understand u r u speaking spanish ????

  • Mario

    Selena is the innocent one, it’s Bieber fault if she has a kid cause he knows what the problem is and the punishment. Bieber better man up and take responsibility for his actions!!!!

  • anamous

    i cant belive that selena is preganont . she u leve justin for about 5 weeks to get her head straight

  • I love justin bieber but I hate selena gomez because me and my friends was so so so mad that he went with selena gomez like we don,t like her because she allways kissing on sombody like I don t understand why would he go with her like u should pick somebody that s your age like nobody likes her because I heard that justin bieber fans don t like selena gomez so thats the truth go on ask or twitter or facebook thats the truth justin bieber is so so hot and cute handsome I like how u did that dougie and jerk with jaden smith williow smith that song that u did whip my hair it was sweet

    • Steevi

      i kinda used 2 like sel gomez until i found out she dropped her purity ring! wow shes following demi lavoto steps next thing you shes gonna be addictird to drugs + alchohal. and i mean JB can get any girls he wants but why a over aged disney actress. even though i HATE JB i think he should go for a girl who dosnt have to bend down 2 kiss him! soon shes gonna be kicked off of disney and sent 2 rehab!shes NOT hannah montana “everybody makes mistakes” thats gonna be her stupid remark to Elen! nobody should fall 4 the spell. and shes bringin down JB’s career. arggggggggggggggggggggggg
      soooo much 2 confess

    • Shannon

      Listen U People Shouldn’t Be Hating Selena Just Because She’s Datin Justin Bieber.I Understand U Girls Love Him And U Wanna Date Him But If He’s Datin Selena Then U Shouldn’t be hating selena.So GET IT THROUGH UR HEAD!!!Stop Bein Haterss.And Jakayla U shud shut up and just because selena datin justin doesn’t mean u have to hate selena just because al of u girls are crazy over him.That’s you guys problem!!!!!
      That’s all I have to say

  • Annabeth

    seriously selena now youre just being rediculous why dont you go back on barney and show us the child that youre acting like right now oh wait that might be youre child going on barney f*** off

  • alice

    no wonder why her song love u like a love song says out 2 JB “theres no way to describe what u do to me”!!! take dat selena

  • Samantha

    and you r beautiful like a sex machine HAaaahahahaahahahahaha

  • valeri

    I hate you JB I relley hate you your the worst. How could Selena go out with a jerk. Now becuse JB evrey body hates Selena your a jerk if she gets pregnant it going to be his folt and I hope he gets take out of disney and singing for ever

  • Lola

    I used to like selena but now im like wateva she gonna be like another dum disney kid who messes up there life for wat…. Nothing she need to realky sut and think about her life and were shes going with it.

  • Hay

    I’m happy for them

  • Starr

    I think that EVERYbody should just leave them alone! I mean o my gosh! THERE JUST PEOPLE WHO LOVE EACHOTHER!!! Those rumors wouldnt have even started if everyone wasnt so obbsessed

  • diamond

    your a stupid fuckin assshole why do u want to get pregnant so early ur just a kid now ur just giving up on ur career and life what about college and life

  • DeeDee

    I think that if Selena and Justin really love each other they can have a baby together. They’ve been together for a while and i think if Justin Bieber asks Selena to marry him that will be just because she is pregnant. I think they’re ready to have a baby

  • first of all selena gomez is hore and justin bieber is to idk why are they even together if they dont know wat they are doin and seriously selena gomes is a child malester . although they have been together for a long time they , if they have a baby they are goingto ruin there lives!!!!!

  • first of all selena gomez is hore and justin bieber is to idk why are they even together if they dont know wat they are doin and seriously selena gomes is a child malester . although they have been together for a long time they , if they have a baby they are goingto ruin there lives!!!!!

    • anonymous

      selena isn’t a child malester.

    • Anonymous

      Ughh shut up who cares what they do

  • wilje met me trouwen

  • als je blieft kies mij ik ben bij al je kon serte geweest van winnie lov jou

  • anonymous

    I personally think Justin and Selena should just take things slow.

  • Celia

    If you don’t like Justin or Selena, why the heck are you tuned into what’s going on with them? Grow up. They have their lives, you should go get one.

  • crysatal

    i m pissed

  • crysatal

    sorry i said a bad word

  • someone

    i think selena gomez deserves someone better then justin bieber someone who makes her feel right

  • someone

    i think selena gomez needs 2 stop and think about this cause theres tons of ppl who love Justin bieber the fans gos crazy and i think selena gomez will get her feelings hurt selena gomez eeds 2 take things slow she should put back on her ring and drop justin bieber

  • SelenaGomez Fan

    Selena said she would never had a kid and never is she wouldent let her friends family or her fans down!!!!

  • Anna

    Selena MAY like kids but dosent mean she is going 2 HAVE ONE GEEZ ALL THESE PATHETIC RUMERS JUST LET THEM BE

  • Mandy

    lsiruj wutiwuiwotyity8iutyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysiedty iu b ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY ANRY I HATE JB GRRRRRR

  • Ally & Carter

    If you don’t like Justin or Selena, why the heck are you tuned into what’s going on with them? Grow up. They have their lives, you should go get one.

  • Ally & Carter

    all these fans we get it u love Selena but hate Justin Bieber or you Love Justin Bieber and Hate Selena Gomez do u just hate them because there dating? god grow up go get a life they are happy together and they probley dont care what anyone else says or thinks cause they love each other so all you haters grow up and go find a life and leave them alone <x(

  • Anonymous

    Ok who cares it’s their life

  • Elizabeth Gideon

    Selena- Bieber’s parent’s should support them no matter what happens, they are are doing all of this ’cause they are happy and Love each other.

  • aishah

    Omgggg dat is jusss …… Erghhh out of the league. Cmon havin a relationship we can understand but BABY. Justin bieber no ofense to fans but I like him too but not as much as I did his like a player I went on internet an it had pics up wid dis oda girll kisin snogin an dat it had pics wid selena too in their bath robes an it like …wwww chil out justin if your desperate use a girl hus desperate too. I like selena too an she is gorgus an can get any boy she wants. Its their life at the end of the day up to them.

    • linda brown

      yae it is up 2 them

  • i am not making comments here just for a while , no doesn,t care just about my comments any more , love david b conway

  • i am not making comments here just for a while , no one doesn,t care just about my comments any more , love david b conway

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ayyyyye selena is hella badd lol, but really who gives a fuck if they date or not yall people need to get a life ! #realtalk .

  • linda brown

    honestly justin bieber is 2 hot 2 b mad at but selena she’s not that cute and she’s a slut

  • linda brown

    justin bieber omg i heard he was on facebook and he has selena gomez in a relation ship and says there married but he be talking 2 other girls and flirting with them

  • justin bieber

    yea me and selena did it but she didn’t want 2 use a condom so i guess she is a slut but me and her are over.

    • Ti Ti

      Okay, ya know the commenter above me is a poser, right? Dont believe that. Its up to them if they wanted to or if they did.

  • selena #1 fan

    omg justin your a freak you probley forced her 2 do it

  • justin bieber

    really why would i do that so i could be on a front page sayin forced rape really no i didn’t

    • emily

      heyy justin i trust u

      • omg stupid people on here if all of you like justing beiber your crazy selana is soo stupid for likeing him and i bet this is just a rumor I HATE RUMORS stupid people who love justin

        • Anonymous

          justin bieber suxxxx

    • Anonymous

      omg justin really its a little wrong to me tht selena and u are going out frankly because i wish it was me she is already 18 cant u guess hold it off until u turn 18 also and i dnt beleive u guys had sexx

    • Annie

      lmao. ur not even jb u creep

    • Anonymous

      u r right.y would u rape her? DONT tell anny1 but I feel bad for u! my advice: sue the people that made that rumor

    • BLAH

      Your not Justin bieber. soo stop your fuck bitch you should die for doing this i love justin and i no this is not him .. smh things you people go through & it would be rape selena because she is 19 now i think and justin is only 17 and she must be ready for sex so yeah .:| idk

    • Anonymous

      Hi a am a rely big fan and is selena rely pregnent and what is jour number

    • Unknown

      Dude people talk crap cuz they have nothing else to talk about.

    • eden armstrong

      i beleive you justin what a load of crap this is, she doesnt look pregnant and nobody would ever beleive her, i beleive your parents but if she has done anything you’d admit it so nothing has obvioustly happened, i can’t wait to publish a book about you it’s amazing so i trust you and you dont look like the type that wwants kids at this age so egnore her, she’s not worth it, just cuz she took off a ring, it doesnt mean she’s pregnant so dont bother to talk to someone like her, YOU DESERVE BETTER!!! and better is someone who likes you for who you are so think about it, all these lies are just not worth it huh?? love yahh’ justin follow on twitter>>> edenarmstrong1 xxx

    • pink star

      well JB i wouldn’t blame anyone but you till now!cuz 1stly u fell in love with someone older than you!
      and finally i will advice you to cut off anything with selly cuz it really doesn’t work(and believe me nothing works!)so it is up to ypu to decide
      don’t take this as sign of jealousy but a mere fact for desperate conditions:LIKE THE ONE YOU ARE IN!!

  • justin bieber

    i am not a poser i really amtryin 2 tell the truth

    • Anonymous

      yer right

    • Unknown

      Why would they think you are? Justin Your an awsome Dude and you know that. so My advice is don’t listen to them cuz you alone know that you tell the truth and Beliebers will not stand for this non-sense.

  • justin bieber

    i’m really not a poser

    • Ti Ti

      so your tellin me that your name is justin bieber and your not just some random person trying to put crap on the internet?

    • lalalala

      how would we know ur not a poser,where’s the proof???

    • Anonymous

      so ur sayin tht u and selena had sex

    • Anonymous

      i keep on having a dream about you justin bieber

    • Gabby

      I really wanna know the truth dude is Selena pregnant or wat

    • Abby

      Even Tho i Dont Really Like u… Only ur music i Believe u….

  • Anonymous

    i believe u jb dont worry only god know the truth

  • No One

    Fuk That

    That Justin Bieber is a fken poser him calling Selena a Slut

    who ever that is fuk off

  • Hailey

    Wtf bad things are happeng with justin already





        • Anonymous

          The “stinky old selena” is a good person. Don’t judge her just because she is with Justine Beiber. If she wasn’t with Justin, I bet you would never say that. Stop being a jealous freak.

        • Abby


      • Anonymous

        HE IS NOT HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julieee

    I Lovee Both Of Them Peaplee Stop Hatinng There A Beautiful Couple<3

    • Anonymous

      i agree with u

      • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here and to the poser off justin bieber here , just if he was real preson of justin bieber on this web site can i just say to him is that , just if did ask her to marriage to selena gomez , you just gave her a second death threats justin bieber if you are real justin bieber , love david b conway

  • meeee :P

    i have to say that selena wouldnt do that! an article that has a quote from her said “i love justin, and one day i would love to marry him and have kids, but my carear* (sp) is too important to me now that i dont want to make that mistake.” let biagons be biagons!! they love each other, and i think that if this love is true, they will wait until they are married.

    • Anonymous

      i agree with u 2

    • baso0oma

      selena woulds do that at all!!!i love u selly soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i wish i would see u

  • i think the rumor is right and justin bieber is a girl and i think that it i gross that a girl and a girl marry or be a boyfriend and girlfriend im sorry but that is what i think sorry if you disregard this hypoythisis

  • dont read what i said before!!!!! selena gomez is not pregnat but justin bieber is a pregnat girl



  • katarina

    jante volim justine najviše na svijetu

    • Anonymous

      fuck justin bieber he is a asshole and he stinks like shit and he teats on other girls so suck my dick bitch so lik my butt hole bitch

  • Anonymous

    haha you sut of a bitch i wll come over there and shit in your mouth LOL’Z 🙂

  • Anonymous

    selena would never freakin seduce bieber he is did it to her and ya he is a poser selena wouldnt do that all of this gossip is a bunch of bs

  • Anonymous

    selena is so not pregnant i would hate that cause most disney channel stars become dirty and i home selena does not i dont give bs if bieber is a piece bs

  • Anonymous

    bieber is a freakin rapist and does it just to get on news headlines

  • jenae knepp

    okay, i must admit im not the biggest fan of justin bieber, but i dont think he is a poser.selena toke off her ring because it was her decision and no one can change that!!! and i do not think anyone did anything they would regret. and the only people that know for sure is justin,selena,and GOD!!! and i would realy appreciat if people would stop saying bad words as said above!!!
    i think they make a good couple and i see a future for them. wat they make of there future is there decision!!! i support u both!!!

    • jenae knepp

      and justin u have a gift for sing,don’t ever let anyone tell u arn’t and believe it because u have a wonderful voice and selena don’t let people say terrible things about u,stand ur ground and say the truth and u are a wonderful singer as well!!! ♥♥♥

    • Anonymous

      u sound like a nice person

      • jenae knepp

        thank you anonymous person hwo ever u are im sure u have a nice spot in ur heart too!!! ♥♥♥

  • brendon

    Selena i love you are the most beautifull girl i ever see are you really pregnant

  • Way r having a baby what r u having a gril r a boy

  • r you having a baby a gril r a boy

  • selena gomez is so stupid for thinking about pregnancy at an early age.she should wait until she is 25.

  • have sex and a baby

  • Anonymous

    hay selena you ‘re the most wonder ful person i have met since we were little kids

    • Am I The Only One Who Has Common Sense Here?

      NICE TRY.

    • Gabby

      Ikr I’ve at he’d her ever since I could walk.LoL

  • Courtney

    Oh my gosh the press needs to leave you two alone Justin. I mean really I never believe the media, until I see it for myself! They just need to let things be. And you seem like a very sweet guy!! 😉

  • aria

    see this prove shes a slut!

  • random person who likes sushi

    I hardly ever beleive the media. Although if it is true i think that 17-18 is 2 young. Shes still practically a child!
    Its proven that u r not a fully grown adult untill your 20-21. What happened 2 morrels!!

  • Anonymous


  • Jessicaa

    Well, I hate justin beaver already and selena is ok… looks like someone raped someone and people aren’t happy so guess my mind is made, don’t like any disney star or rapers

  • cynthia

    i think justin and selena r good for each other there a perfect couple ……… and ppl stop saying all of those things there old to do things sooooooooo stop saying things kk and justin u r hot i am a huge fan and selena u r so opertty really and i suport you guys …………and dont listen to what others say have fun together k and be good……….

  • shaniah

    no one knows if it is a rumor or the truth…only selena an justin no wat they are doin an 4 u guys who only ritin a set of shit………dis doesnt concern u…..get dat striat…u shoud rite dis instead

  • Hey Justin … I … Love … You

  • I think that Justin bieber and Selena Gomez should date because there a CUTE COUPLE I mean no body should acuse him everybody loves him by. BY I LOVE U JUTIN AND SELENA :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :D:D

    • Rina

      Yea girl that’s true u go girl!!!- Rina

  • Rina

    Hey justin I am ur #1 fan, I am 13 yes old and I know a lot of ppl say this, but this is so true, I hope u believe me….. I think u and Selena are a very cute couple, but I really wish I was her, so I would get to meet u, I never have enough money to get to go to ur concerts, but I really want u to reply to me… Plz reply to me!!!! I want to show up at my house one day, as a surprise, if u need my adress, then just reply to this msg. I did get to go to ur movie though and it was amazing and awesome!! Oh gosh I bet ur just thinking that I’m another one of those fans that’s a nobody. I’m not plz help me… I love u so much, this year I’m going to be homeschooled too… I can’t wait!!!-**

  • Rina

    Ur movie inspired me and sometimes I cry because I want my dreams to come true, like urs did. And I meant to say come to MY house.

  • Rina

    I love u Justin, reply plz

  • ahh!! i bielieve u…i turly do…i love u… i inspire u…u have taught me alot… i watch ur movie every day…like 5 times…but the frist time i will cry…so i cant imagine if i actually got to meet u…i’ve never been to a concert but where i live…it’s kinda impossible..because u dont do concerts in oklahoma..so i never get my hope’s up…but i do pray that u will do a concert in oklahoma and i pray that your safe were ever u go I LOVE U BIEBER….oh one more thing my 5 B’S
    3.BIEBER FEVER (of course)
    pretty leggit right?
    haha love u <3 forever and always

  • Justin Beiber

    Hey, I just wanna say that me and Selena are serious about our relationship, but I’m using her for her butt. That’s all I really like about her. Thanks you guys for being my numba one fans…..

    • melody

      justin beiber is stupid idiotic and as ugly as dog shit

      • Tabbie May

        ummm your fake lol.. you dont even know how to spell Justin Bieber.. haha! and Justin Bieber is not a jerk so he wouldnt do that

    • eden armstrong

      justin plz reply nd would you eva use me for my butt if we went out but just to warn you be careful about what your saying babe 🙂 xx

    • pink star

      ur’e so stupid at times…thatz why i know ur’e not the true beiber ur’e just a f**k’n poser just putting s**t on the web

    • Huskers#1v-ballfan

      Hey Justin can u please let me know when ur going to be in Omaha Nebraska? Thanks!!!

  • Gabby

    Wat the he’ll u bitches u don’t know anything.

  • Selena Gomez

    People, please stop.. this is all a lie :/ it hurts me and Justin so just stop!

    • Dnt worry bout that (;

      Yo are you really prego ?! D:

    • Unknown

      Selena I believe you and I know it’s a lie People just say that so they can get publicity… I know what you and Justin are going through.

    • i dntt really knw if dis is actsully u but the only thing i would want you to do is tell ever body dat it anit true n if dey dont belive y give a two fuck shit about dey only hateing on you .you gotta learn ntt to c things like dis.

    • pink star

      sorry 🙂 selly but ‘is it your justin that said just up there that he loves you for your butt or…)lol
      but i wan’t you to know that i don’t care if ypu are a poser or not if u are, fine! and if u are not, cool then! cuz u will read my message
      1stly JB looks like a 12 year old boy and he doesn’t deserve you cuz your suvh a nice person but i think if you stop open display of your love and avoid extravagancy in public, it’ll just be a story…believe me do that and see the results…<3<3<3<3
      much love from me

  • Tabbie May

    shes not trying to get pregnant this is stupid!

  • Justin Bieber

    Hey guys, I am having a concert in San Antonio on September 10th, it’s a Saturday. I hope you guys don’t think this whole rumor is real. And can people stop trying to say that their me and that I am using Selena, I hope my parents aren’t mad anymore, they thought Selena was seducing me, but she wasn’t, they dont believe me….. Thanks for being there for me, appreciate it…


    • heeyyyyyy:):):):);):) justin bieber ….uhmm coold u come to the save mart cente so i coold c i am soooo in luv wit u u i have 4 books of u and posters and i have a bracelate of u coold u plzzz write me back cuz in alil i need to go to bed so ya

    • eden armstrong

      okay but do you still like her, i wouldnt

  • Unknown

    You people should just back off cause Justin and Selena are perfectly good together and you guys shouldn’t put all these bad rumors about them. Sorry I don’t wanna be mean but you people believe anything you see on the news or on the internet and I think that’s being Childish Justin and Selena are old enough to know what’s write and wrong. People can’t you see that they are making this story up??? /: I’m not just saying this I really mean it. And don’t criticize me Cause Selena Gomez is my Roll model and I think you guys wouldn’t like it if a person says mean thing’s about you. And for your information My aunt is a singer/actress and I know how she feels when people say Bad things about her and it hurts alot.

  • Unknown to you

    Hey you guys i got some advice for you ok. Now listen and listen good. I Liked selena gomez and i still do. Aspecialy when shes in the episodes of wizards of waverly place. so back off got it other wise you will go through me kk. So dont even try to lie about them and you know wht wll make me happy if you guys were popular and i’ll diss you so bad you will call the cops.

  • rebekka

    i love justin bieber ever since i found out about him. he is a hug part of me he in spierd me to do consert cuier. and slea is amazing grat songs and i love whatg she had done on wizerd of waverly place

  • Kenzi

    people spend way too much time caring about other’s lives.. why don’t you just live your own life and stop worrying about celebs? don’t get me wrong I’m sure Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are great people.. but just worry about your life.

  • lisa

    u rude

  • wow!!! u poeple belive any thing if she pregent she will have to decide if she wantt tell poeple about it n justin b anit dat bad dat much if he did get her pregent gud luck for him .

  • heyyyyy my peers i got to say with all yall who think me and selena r fake u should rethink your thoghts this is coming from me its true!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    Hey this sucks people get a life! That’s nothing but a rumour jb and selena are not 2 idiotic teenagers who will do that so quit bugging them

  • pink star

    that serves right to justin beiber cuz he tried to catch a fish bigger than his belly
    :p much love from pink star
    in case you need me inbox me
    answer this message and i’ll give you my e-mail

  • OMG thats a rumor god Selena is WAY better then that I may be 11 and I hate Justin bur he would not do that

    • Well i think τhε‎​ things going øn between them is there privacy °̩t has nothing to do with us so why make °̩t ……u ppl need to stop worrying about them and worry about ur selves ,if they are Ĥαppч just leave them to be Ĥαppч

      • Anonymous

        u r so right

      • anonymous

        Your right about that, people should stop obsessing over this whole thing

    • Alyssa

      ur right

    • Victoria

      I agree I don’t like justien but love Selena I’m also 11

    • Madison

      Ur so right I hate Justin too but I so don’t believe that he would do that.Also I saw a Selena Gomez interview and she called him a dork and she has been single for a long time!

      • Anonymous

        i think bieber is ugly but gomez is beautiful

        • katalynn and madiee

          im 12 now!!!! and i agree chikadee! ~Katalynn
          Im Madiee and i agree too but she shouldnt have dropped her purity ring…….ITS WRONG! :[

        • its nt the truth u r simply talking crap…jb already have 40 million fans so he doesnt care abt da people who hates him…..

        • aurora katzer

          Your so right beber is soooooo ugly and selena is pretty.im 12

    • Anonymous

      Amen sister

      • Annoymous

        You both talking shit about justin he’s cool an good an you just jelous about him ….to pregnant a girl does mean you call him with some called name!! I really dont like wat you doing to justin

  • I really love justin bieber……….. i hate you jelena……….justin please marry me.

  • Anonymous

    holy why why why why why why oh why would selena marry him I dont like him.:(

    • anonymous

      nobody like justin

      • Anonymous

        you are so right

  • Well i think justin bieber n selena shld be left alone what does °̩t matter to u guys what they do its not any of our business 🙂 and if its true that slena is preg then so what there are girls getting preg at τhε‎​ age of 15 ,16 what makes her so different that all of u cn say that

    • anonymous

      u suck tammy because we all want to find out wats happining between justin beiber and selena gomez

      • Anonymous

        i know we all want to find out but dang giv them some space

    • izzy

      you are so right they should be left alone why does it even matter it is not are business

  • Anonymous

    te amo jussssssssssstin biber

    • anonymous

      u spelt justin bieber wrong

  • do,nt blog me just from my last comment i did tonight please find it please , love david conway

  • Madison

    Your so wrong Justin sucks and Selena is AWSOME

    • Anonymous

      ya bieber sucks and selena da bomb

  • Anonymous

    they’re both awesome but selena goes out with everyone

    • anonymous

      selena does not go out with everybody justin beiber does selena gomez rockssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • anonymous

      oh and justin suuuucccckkkksssss

      • azyadee

        just ignore her shes the one thats a slut

  • anonymous

    whoever likes justin beiber well then u all ssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • anonymous

      everyone like the post above

      • anonymous

        if u like selena

    • jasmine

      u suck but i love jb and u are just jeils

    • Anonymous

      u need to watch your mouth cause u are no better

    • Anonymous


    • kadie

      thats just rude do u not get it! what has he done 2 u? o and do u talk to your mother like that?!!!

      • kadie

        and thats 4 both of u anonomous’ ur acting like immature babys!!!!!!! HGVYGFDTHYGIUTDETCYGTFTYRDSRSXTFCVFTVFTYRDSDR!= BEEP BEEEEEEEEPPPPP BEEP! THAT WAS MY “BUZZER” IF U NO WAT I MEAN

        • jb lover

          kadie ur stupid. shutup :/

    • azyadee

      shut up dude you suck a$$

      • hay dont speak that language azyadee.there r little kids on the internet u no.so dont speak that language on this website.i will message u back wen my “stuped sister”wil get off the internet.o k.

  • breann ramsey

    well i think all this is stupid i dont know why people dont know how to leave them alone that is them bo one else let them be happy

  • Robert W

    These days people are becoming independent very fast and at a young age, It is the price you pay when you are famous. The only difference is her private life is made public , so people like you can criticize her for her actions. So go on living your life and leave her alone, she will figure it all out when it is time. The lord will and can only give us what we can handle. She is of age and I give her credit for that. I’m proud of you Selena G. Good luck with your life and life plans.
    Your friend Worm

  • azyadee

    you people are sniches cuz this is non of your buisness leave selly and justin alone ok its their problem not our ok so shut up don’t comment anymore

  • jb lover

    dont be hatin! geez! shes definitally not pregnant

  • U guys, no need to fight or else this will turn into something huge. Anyways, I think Selena is dum enough to let jb touch her like that. I think she likes it. What can u say. That’s what she wants than leave her alone. And if she didnt like it she would say no stop doing that to me. But she knows that there r camera everywhere that take pixs. So she is just showing everyone how much jb loves her!

    • Anonymous

      She just wants publicity

  • Sym

    Okay miss Selena Gomez! I trusted you! When you started dating Justin I wasn’t thrilled. I accepted it and guess what? YOU JUST LOST ANOTHER FAN!! Now you’re just being a bitch! My friend said so! I didn’t believe her. I knew you would be good. Then what? You turn into a freaking WHORE!!!!


    I’m a fan of Justin n Selena you guys r great singers I love u guys

  • matlakala

    u guys are jealous….. ha se taba ea lona eno!!!!!!!

  • you guys are jealous…… ha se taba ea lona kea le joetsa….

    • Anonymous

      Y would we be jealous over gettin pregnant?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that Selena should get prego yet because she is to young ……..she is a actor And no one is gonna want a moody pregnant actress………..I think they should wait till she gets older….l.or unless she would like to be one of those stay at home girl friends……….while justin is on tha rode with all those girls I mean he ain’t gonna want her after she has a baby……..he is gonna want something brand new “………………so I think thatshe should wait till there older an married

  • Anonymous

    okay people lets get one thing straight they would never do that okay okay i know the owner of the website is kinda psychopath but you know get your facts straight

  • janelle

    i always hated you now your girlfriend is selena gomez and you got her pregnat wow good going now i really dont like you

  • Anonymous

    Hey i think Justin bieber is using Selena gomez for sex .. Lik what the heck justin you need to leave selena gomez be happy with another guy because your just a player and im a fan for you but not anymore !!!

  • Justin

    Ilove him

  • Kristofina

    They did a geat thing. They are all RICH… 🙂
    Infact its nice to have a baby when you are young. With soft bones… Not feeling the pain. :)…
    Please do me a favour you two- Justin and Selena- Take care of that little angel and dont sadden the blessing from God.
    AND DONT BREACK UP pleeeaaase.

    From you bggest fan ……….. @kristofina

  • Maryane

    Oi justen tudo bem? Mais eu tou com raiva di vc justen vc saber bebe ti amor selena e justen beijao.:)

  • Maryane

    Vai sabio hum¡ Kkkk vc justen mora aki em meu … Coracao

  • Maryane

    Vai sabio hum¡ Kkkk vc justen mora aki em meu … Coracao tanbem ti amor justen ass seu fa fabio e maryane

  • amy

    Wow people need to calm themselves it isn’t such a big deal they r both old enough to make there own decision the only people who have the right to say anything r there parents n even then its still up to them. I do have one thing to say if ur planning on getting pregnant get married first n maybe wait a year too make sure u r right for eachother that is just my opinion. Good luck to u both, hope everything works out. 🙂

  • tiffani

    justin bieber is stupid and ugly

  • kenny


  • chuckier

    you are a baby

  • melissa osbourne

    Ok most of you people are crazy,For one they are in love and for two yeah shes a little older but they are consenting adults and if she decided to remove her purity ring after its been on there for yrs,Really how can we judge her for that .Im a mother of 3 and I would prefer they wait but I know realisticaly they probably wont.But its there choice and if one of my children got pregnant then Yeah I may be a little upset but also be very supportive of them raising there own child.Selena and Justin are a loving sweet couple and for you guys to have hate just because they are dating id rediculous!! Why cant people leave them alone they are perfect together and in my oppinion they would make beautiful babies and be Awesome parents,You can see the love they have for one another ,Look at her hello maybe spinoff on you tube.They have amazing chemestry so leave them alone and let them enjoy young love,Its not your place or mine to judge them.Life is to short grab and hang on to the one you love regardless of what others say

  • rihanna

    I love just justin biber becouse he lovely and i love him

    • rihanna

      yes you are rid

  • Anonymous

    Selena u could do better than that

  • Isaac van ndlovu

    Justin u a old enough 2 make ur own decision,dont be infrastrated and loos ur control,do what ever u a thnkng of…u guys u rock the world.

  • selena gomez

    im not pregnant guys thats just a rumor

    • breanna

      Yes u r !!!!!

  • Jynequabullock


  • FiRdOuS

    I don’t like Selena she is to full of her self plus she just wanted a baby from justin bieber to keep him to her self ……..so she better back the hell off before I moer her cause I will they don’t belong together ….he sould be dating a girl like Taylor Swift. Not the bitch she is ugly and always will be …she will never get pretty …Justin Bieber I love you but you got to back down from that bitch

  • mel lowry

    t’s not illegal to date at their ages. i think it is illegal to have sex in california until 21. In canada i believe the age for sex is 16. anyway i don’t think they are partaking of the forbidden fruit.

  • Anonymous

    selena gomez is the hottest chick I have ever seen

  • breanna

    Justin u are so hot u need to come to pittsford Michigan!!!!

  • breanna

    Baby baby baby ooooohhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • breanna

    I love u justin bieber #1 biggest fan hot

  • breanna

    I love u justin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • breanna

    Never say never !!!!!!!!!!!

  • breanna

    I’m so glad that Selena and justin r not together

  • breanna

    Selena don’t even have big ones who wou want them

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