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The Bieber sweep is gone

Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber unveiled changes to his career-defining hairstyle at the Golden Globe Awards Sunday night. Aileen Donnelly asked the experts to dissect the pop star’s new do:


The cut that made him famous consisted of long bangs swept to the side and hair, all one length, covering the ears and nape of the neck. It was a favourite of 14-year-old boys. “I don’t think it was age-appropriate anymore in the sense that he’s now 16 years old and he needs something with a little more of a mature feel to it,” says Montreal celebrity hairstylist Alain Larivee, Canadian creative consultant for the John Frieda hair care line. “You wouldn’t catch a 16-year-old boy with the old Bieber hairdo.”

– . It naturally lay flat because it was longer and all the same length.

– . The old haircut required less effort. At most, the hairdo required some mousse before blow-drying and a light spray of hairspray to finish.

– . Bieber would usually part his hair to the right, possibly out of necessity. “I have hair like Justin Bieber’s — my hair’s cut the same way — and for me, it’s all about what is working better that day. Sometimes I wake up and it’s sitting better to one side,” Vancouver hairstylist Harry Josh says.


– . The new ‘do follows the same lines as the old cut but the hair is shorter and more layered. The multiple layers create more texture, which means the new cut can be styled multiple ways with the addition of such hair products as gel.

– . From a hairstylist’s point of view, not much has changed, Harry Josh says. In his opinion, there has been more of a change in style than cut.

– . The new cut still has length over the ears but is decidedly shorter throughout. Most notably, the bangs have been shortened as well as layered, putting an end to the hair-in-the-eyes trend. While some of the original softness has been maintained with layering, there is no longer the same “sweepy” feel and the lines are far more square.

– . Toronto stylist Eric Del Monaco, whose work has been featured on Project Runway Canada, predicts the new haircut will be even more of a trendsetter.

– . “I think people were going to ask more for this one because I think it’s a lot more fresh looking and it’s a lot more interesting.”



I think he looks hot in this hairstyle and I like the fact that it makes him look more mature 🙂 I’m gonna miss the hairflip though. What do you think? Vote on the poll below or comment on this post to let us know what you think.