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This time Justin sits on Selena’s lap

Wow these two really like sitting on each other laps. First she sits on his lap for breakfast and now he sits on hers.

This time Justin sits on Selena's lap


Things continue to heat up for the super-cute pair, so it’s really a shame Selena Gomez has to wait one more year for the “Biebs” to turn 18 (he’ll turn the big 1-7 March 1).

Apparently the young couple were at a rollerskating/pizza birthday party for Jarrell, a singer featured on Bieber’s My World 2.0 album track Overboard, when a mutual friend snapped this fuzzy pic.

After seeing the above photo (and those sexy PG-13 vacation shots from St. Lucia), we’re pretty certain these kids are more than just buddies who meet to grab pancakes every once and awhile.


According to our readers, this picture was not taken at Jessica’s birthday party as this picture is old.

But take a look at that picture. I’m telling you, I think Pattie thinks Selena Gomez is THAT GIRL.

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